Top 5 Crypto Projects to WATCH Out for in November 2022

The crypto space is evolving every new day with numerous projects marking their strong presence and having their own use cases. Regardless of the current market trends, these decentralized platforms continue to work hard and offer a more stringent & ...

Top Cryptos to WATCH Out for This Week – August 2022

WHAT HAPPENED WITH THE CRYPTO MARKET THIS WEEK The past month of August 2022 has been a major roller coaster ride for the crypto market. Pretty much like clockwork, the first half of the month saw a significant rally while ...

What is DeFi? Decentralized Finance Explained for Beginners

Decentralized Finance is a new financial terrain where investors from all around the world explore different financial solutions to check the best fit for their financial needs or goals. DeFi applications are built on open source peer to peer networks that offer  good TPS -  transaction per second speed, decentralization (for easy traceability of funds) and security. 
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How to Create an NFT & Sell it

Introduction Finding one way or another, NFTs has made its way to your mailbox or have founds its way to you via music videos! Recalling something? Yes! The recent Snoop Dogg and Eminem collaboration was a part of a famous ...
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Top Crypto News Today: Polygon Announces Strategic Blockchain Gaming Partnership with Catheon Gaming

Catheon Gaming announced their initiative with Polygon Studios to launch a preferred blockchain gaming partnership. The partnership’s agenda is to leverage Catheon’s powerful blockchain gaming infrastructure and Polygon’s intelligent solutions to help developers build dApps or decentralized applications that require low transaction costs without having to compromise on security. 
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How to Buy NFTs | Step by Step Guide

WHAT ARE NFTs? NFTs or non-fungible tokens have two parts in it. First let’s understand tokens – a token is basically a unit in a blockchain network that can be used as a means of value transfer, eg. Bitcoin. Hence ...

Top Smart Contract Platforms 2022 (by Volume)

Most of the smart contract platforms have witnessed a huge drop since the beginning of 2022. However, the extreme negative market sentiments have also fueled a notable reduction in the TVL. Therefore, the volumes are expected to increase once the market settles to some extent. 

Top 6 Crypto Projects by TVL(Total Value Locked) in August 2022

From Bitcoin & Ethereum to Shiba INU or Apecoin, markets are flooding with numerous crypto projects. Now when the crypto markets are at the foothill of a strong uptrend, some of the crypto projects display huge possibilities of surging high ...

Terra LUNA vs Avalanche AVAX: Comparative Analysis

Token Name  LUNA AVAX Launch Date 2018 2020 Founder Kwon Do-hyung Emin Gün Sirer Blockchain Protocol proof-of-stake consensus proof-of-stake consensus Native Token   LUNA2 AVAX Market Cap $270,370,130 $6,370,380,411 Token Type Payments Utility, Payments. Circulating Supply 127,475,474.31 LUNA 284,359,498.38 AVAX Max ...

Bitcoin vs Dogecoin: Comparative Analysis 

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin (BTC) is the first of many digital crypto assets that we see today. It is a decentralised digital asset that was originally described in a white paper in 2008 by a person or a group of ...

Top Ethereum NFT Projects to Watch out for in 2022

INTRODUCTION Ethereum is basically the biggest smart contract platform out there, ever since its launch back in 2015. Everybody in the crypto world, be it a participant in the form of a trader/investors or as a developer building for the ...

Crypto Market Cap Trends: 2020, 2021, & 2022 | Updated July’22

The crypto space has been a pocket full of surprises ever since the 2020 pandemic had shaken the traditional financial markets. The market capitalization, which dropped heavily after reaching close to $1 trillion, maintained a consolidated trend below $300 billion for quite a long time. However, as the last quarter of 2020 approached, the bull market intensified and spiked extremely high.

Can you Consider Investing in Crypto for the Long Term?

An Introduction to Crypto Investing A form of digital currency, crypto is backed by the robust blockchain technology. As one of the newest and most lucrative asset classes, it has caught the attention of investors across the world. Leading investors ...

Shiba INU vs Bitgert: Comparative Analysis SHIB vs BRISE

Key Takeaways SHIB & BRISE price closed the previous day’s trade at INR 0.00099 and INR 0.00003278 with respective market capitalization of 542.89B & INR 13.95 B with a circulating supply of 549,063.28B & 427,082.98B  Bitgert in the recent times ...

1% TDS On Crypto – Top Tweets, CoinDCX

The crypto community is engrossed in catching up on everything around the implementation of the 30% tax on crypto profits as well as the additional 1% TDS on crypto. Read top threads on Twitter to follow the news in real-time! ...


Since the start of 2022, ‘volatile market’ and ‘crypto bear market’ have been the most commonly used terms in the crypto space. But what does it really mean for you? Let’s look at the current market scenario and what to ...