Insta turns 2

Insta turns Two. Get 2X Reward

Grab the biggest trading offer in town as our flagship product, Insta turns 2. We are running a week-long exclusive offer wherein users will receive guaranteed 2X rewards.

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Bitcoin Hedge Inflation

BITCOIN – a hedge against inflation in Covid-19

The virus has led to a crash in the stock markets around the world and oil prices have fallen significantly. However, recently, we saw Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones claiming,
“My bet is it will be bitcoin’, as the best inflation hedge.”
This news spread like wildfire. Check out our analysis.

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Central Backed Digital Currencies


Cryptocurrency has always been in news since its launch, either due to price volatility, ban or upliftment of the ban. There are multiple notions attached to the use of cryptocurrency – will it replace fiat currencies and reduce demand of central banks’ money?

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CoinDCX Lists STP Network (STPT)

STPT is now listed on CoinDCX.

We are pleased to announce the listing of the new token Standard Tokenization Protocol (STPT) in our INR market on 5th April 2020 at 6:00 PM(IST). With this listing, STPT will now be available in 4 different markets to trade namely STPT/INR, STPT/BNB, STPT/USDT, STPT/BTC.

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