Growth Story at The Highest Valued Crypto Exchange in India

Working how and where I am working is truly phenomenal. I have had so many exposures all through my 7 years of career, it is amazing to me that I have been able to explore so  much in such a short amount of time.” Sooraj Palari, Sr. Community Manager, CoinDCX

Google verified information, the average lifespan of a human being is 71 years… and only the adamant ones get to explore the most out of the years. One such story came to fruition right here in CoinDCX. Before joining the crypto world and taking care of the most integral part of the organization; its community; Sooraj has been creating a journey of his own as an engineer.


After completing his study as an Engineer, Sooraj started looking out for jobs and landed himself at STC, Saudi Telecom Company, where he worked as a telecommunication specialist for well over 2 years! Taking another big step in his career, he quickly changed course and joined Qcon, a Qatar based company as a Technical engineer. While working with the company, for just a little over a year, Sooraj found himself moving up in his career and moving back to Saudi Arabia, as a Telecommunications Engineer this time, for MCCL. 

Quite a lot of changes to have in the first 6 years of your job life, isn’t it? Honestly, while we sat with Sooraj to take a walk through his life, it became clear that if you have the zeal to work well, and have the courage to give exploring various options available for you the priority, it ends up giving you a lot more spaces for improvements, experiences, and exposure. Getting out of the comfort zone to being a little more adventurous; all for the learning of it all. When asked, Sooraj replied, “Yes, they were all worth it! Looking back I can say and share such varied experiences because I took the chances I had. To explore. To learn. To give my best and then some.”

Before diving into the CoinDCX story, an exclusive from the interviewee himself! Sooraj was on the last flight that left Saudi for India before the lockdown. The whole experience was an otherworldly feeling on Sooraj’s part and the perfect junction that led him to be a part of CoinDCX. More like CoinDCX’s very own Ethan Hunt? A smooth flight incident led him to the CoinDCX ship! 

Sooraj’s CoinDCX Growth Journey:

After a “Mission Impossible” like experience, trading and crypto became a topic of interest to Sooraj. However, being at its nascent stage, crypto did not have the right source of explained blogs or YouTube resources available for the Indian masses. To help solve the issue at hand, Sooraj made use of the YouTube platform and started decoding crypto in vernacular. A true crypto enthusiast. No sooner that he joined the space to get into explaining crypto, the sooner the CoinDCX community gained such an influential candidate. 

Taking up the responsibility to take the community journey into newer heights, Sooraj took to learning how to manage a community of 60 thousand members; growing rapidly. Being a part of the circle and seeing his journey from being a Community Moderator to now being the newly promoted Senior Manager of the Community; it has been an amazing inspiration! 

Being in the crypto community, the queries and the requests also comes at a 24*7 timeframe. It was really important for me personally to understand what drives the enthusiastic Sooraj to always be present and solve any and all issues raised by the community. ‘The simple reason for this is my love for the space and the importance our community has for CoinDCX and for myself, that was the answer he shared. Makes sense but also inspires the We over Me competency that CoinDCX as a value gives importance to. 

With that, I am going for the next story! To bring you another amazing journey of someone who cumulatively makes what CoinDCX is today. Till then, if you missed it, here is another amazing story for you to understand how the Creative Design Manager at CoinDCX work!

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