CoinDCX’s Wanderful Work Culture

The mere idea of traveling while still being employed is like a fairytale for all wanderlusts and explorers. In recent pandemic years, the majority of companies have allowed their employees to work from home. But few upcoming start-ups moved toward greater geographic flexibility, giving their employees the flexibility to work from anywhere, completely untethered to an office.

Well, for me, as a CoinDCX employee who absolutely loves traveling, the freedom to work and travel anywhere in the world has been the most meaningful career I have encountered so far. It allows me to maintain a happening work-life balance and pursue my own travel aspirations without having to worry about managing leaves and tasks and meetings and so on altogether.

Who thought that not working from the office can actually be more productive? Not me! But trust me, working from anywhere has taught me how to manage time more efficiently, give more space to work and brainstorm. Connecting with teams on video calls, not worrying about commute time or work schedules has indeed increased productivity and helped achieve professional milestones. 


Basically, I love where I work, what I work, and all this because CoinDCX believes in giving its employees flexibility and liberty. This reminds me of something and it’s one of my favorites! While I was on a trip last winter, I was on this hilltop wooden cottage, and one day there was a power outage for 6 hours straight. I had no wifi, no power backup, but luckily I had my laptop fully charged and my hotspot was working. I took calls and meetings via my phone and informed my team about the issue worrying about my pending tasks and how to resolve them for our customers. My team took it upon themselves to ease it for me and helped me coordinate my work as smoothly as possible. Even though there was an unforeseen barrier I was able to successfully complete and prioritize my tasks, meetings as per need. At the end of the day, all was sorted without any delay or backlog.

I believe this wanderful work culture at CoinDCX has empowered me to work better with stronger outcomes. As they say, home is where the heart is. Every day brings something different for me, and for me as a traveler, the opportunity to work and travel from anywhere I want is a dream job in its truest sense.

Written by: Reenita Patra; Manager – Content at CoinDCX

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