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Optimism Price Prediction 2025-2030: Can OP Price Ever Reach $100?

Optimism Price Prediction 2025-2030: Can OP Price Ever Reach $100?

Key Takeaways 

  • The Optimism price closed the previous day’s trade at $1.069, with a $259.07 million market capitalization and a circulating supply of 234.74 million OP.
  • The OP price has been gradually increasing over the last few days, indicating the possibility of a significant uptrend until the end of the yearly trading period.
  • The crypto asset is expected to begin a strong upswing in the coming years and skyrocket by a significant margin.

Optimism Price Prediction Today

Current Price $1.1107
OP Price Prediction for Today $1.0311
Volatility  10.96%
50-Day SMA $0.9289
14 Day RSI 72.28
Sentiment Bullish
Fear and Greed Index 32 (Fear)
Green Days 13/20 (43%)
200-Day SMA NA

Optimism Technical Analysis

Source: Tradingview

  • A few days ago, the OP price bounced off the lower support and made a significant upswing, breaking above the bullish falling wedge pattern.
  • The platform experienced a significant increase in buying volume, which increased the price by more than 85% in the last seven days.
  • The price may now continue to rise until it reaches the immediate resistance zone of $1.44 to $1.47. 
  • Furthermore, the token could hover around these zones for a while and decide the next course of action based on the volume generated, which could be overwhelmingly bullish.

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Optimism On Chain Analysis 

  • The volatility of the token had dropped along with a steep plunge in the OP price which had bottomed at $0.672 in the recent past. However, with a significant gain in the process, the volatility also raised from 0.68 to the current level of around 1.09.


  • The whale holdings have risen significantly in the past couple of months. The addresses holding 10K to 10M OP tokens have surged high indicating the bulls heavily accumulating the tokens.

Source: Santiment

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The Optimism price has seen a significant increase in buying volume in the last few days, which has fueled the bullish trend. The token’s price increased significantly, nearly 40%, to reach high of $1.2. Meanwhile, the bears are working hard to keep the price below these levels, but a significant breakout appears to be on the way.

The selling pressure may soon reach a climax, causing the bulls to enter and spark a rebound. With a rebound, the price is expected to regain bullish momentum and continue on a significant upswing to the immediate resistance. As a result, the Optimism price prediction for today is $1.18 to 1.21.

WILL the Optimism Price REACH $1.5 by the End of October 2022?

Following an interim bearish trend, the OP price rebounded after reaching lows of around $0.64. Since then, the bulls have increased their dominance, propelling the price to levels exceeding $1.3 in the coming days. Meanwhile, the bears may also wait for a spike to profit, dragging the price lower.

The daily RSI has reached its peak and has undergone a bearish divergence just before entering the oversold region. Meanwhile, the price has yet to validate a bearish trend, so a significant upswing may be well-positioned following a brief consolidation. As a result, the Optimism price prediction for the week is around $1.29 to $1.34, while the monthly prediction is close to $1.5.

Optimism Price Prediction 2025-2030

The optimism price has traded with remarkable strength since its inception and is expected to rise significantly in the coming days. If market sentiment rises slightly above the bearish captivity, the Optimism price may end the year on a bullish note. As a result, a surge above $2 may establish a notable bull rally in the coming years, which may eventually ignite a strong bull rally in the coming years. 

Hence the Optimism price prediction for 2025 could be around $10, while for the years ahead until 2030 may rise beyond $20 and attempt to reach $25. 

Year OP Price Forecast
2022 $2.5 to $3.1
2023 $4.5 to $5.8
2024 $5.5 to $7.1
2025 $8.9 to $10.2

Optimism News Today

  • The Optimism NFT marketplace, Quix recently announced the release of a bridge for easy transfer of Ethereum L1 NFTs to & from the Optimism chain.

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