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Polygon Price Prediction: Investor’s Dodge MATIC, Is the ETH Merge-Impact not Faded Yet?

Polygon MATIC

Key Takeaways:

  • The Polygon(MATIC) price closed the previous day’s trade at $0.756, with a market capitalization of $06.55 billion  & a circulating supply of 8.73 billion MATIC
  • The MATIC price is attempting to lay down a parabolic recovery to reach the initial milestone of a dollar at the earliest 

Polygon (MATIC) PRICE & Technical Analysis 

Current Price $0.76
MATIC Price Prediction for Today $0.83
Volatility  6.66%
50-Day SMA $0.844
14 Day RSI 35.19
Sentiment Bearish
Fear and Greed Index 20 (Extreme Fear)
Green Days 16/30 (53%)
200-Day SMA $0.922

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Polygon Technical Analysis for the Week

The price, ever since it dropped below $0.7, has maintained a significant upswing, withstanding a couple of bearish pressures. The bullish ascending triangle that formed provided a firm base for the price to rebound from during each pullback. Therefore, the price may swing within the triangle and breakout from the apex before the end of September.

The Polygon price is trading above $0.77 at the moment and is expected to rise high to hit $0.78 any moment from now. However, a minor rejection may make its way out and may drag the price back to $0.75. By the end of the monthly trade, the price could have approached an apex after a rebound and may soon breakout of consolidation and secure levels above $0.8.

Polygon Technical Analysis at a Glance

Unlike many other crypto assets, Polygon’s price has maintained a significant descending trend ever since the beginning of 2022. The price dropped heavily during H1 2022 and is presently awaiting the bullish push required to rise beyond the crucial price zone. During the final quarter, if the bulls regain the momentum, the MATIC price may regain the lost levels and spike high, testing upper targets.

Short Term The MATIC price is expected to maintain a significant upswing and reach its immediate resistance very soon.
Mid-Term The selling pressure seems to have eased and, hence, one can expect a minor uptrend soon.
Long-Term The token is about to experience a pullback as the selling volume has peaked, which may pave the way for the bears to enter.

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Will MATIC Price Reach $0.85 Today?

The Polygon price has been incremental ever since the price lost the crucial $1 level in the recent past. The asset also maintained a steep descending trend from the past couple of days, which appears to have been out-powered by the bulls currently. On the other hand, the MACD is slowly turning bullish, signifying the revival of the bullish trend soon.

The bulls could uplift the price close to $0.78, wherein the bears may jump in to restrict the price. But the bulls, who appear to be self-assured about the rally, may soon take back control and continue with the upswing. By the end of the day, the MATIC price may certainly trade above $0.8 and may surge high to reach $0.85 in the coming days.

 Will MATIC Price Reach $1 by the End of the Month?

The MATIC price, despite a couple of pullbacks, appears to be extremely poised to maintain a firm upswing hereafter. Moreover, now when the price is heading towards the monthly or mainly the quarterly close, the trading activity is expected to spike. This may surely impact the price, which may become highly volatile soon.

The forthcoming days may witness a surge in the daily volume that may be largely composed of a buying volume. Hence, a firm upswing may be expected that may uplift the price close to $0.9, slicing through the interim resistance at around $0.85. Therefore, the Polygon price prediction for the month could be in the range of $0.94 to $0.98 and may also surpass $1 during an extended bullish run.

Polygon Price Prediction: Price Trend Comparison with Optimism(OP)

Source: Tradingview

  • Polygon and Optimism are the popular Layer-2 scaling solutions for Ethereum that enable developers to create and optimise applications for Ethereum.
  • The OP price has remained heavily inflated since the beginning of the month, while the rounds of merger have induced extreme bullish momentum, while MATIC has traded flat.
  • The OP/USDT price reached highs of +93.5% before falling dramatically to lows of -14.07%, where it is currently trading.
  • Conversely, the MATIC/USDT price traded close to the average levels, but after the latest crash, the price dropped towards the current positions at around-13.42%.

Polygon Price Prediction: 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

Polygon is considered one of the highly active chains in terms of development activity. Therefore, the upcoming collaborations and the network upgrades may eventually uplift the price to new highs. Moreover, with a slight flip in the market conditions, the MATIC price may quickly discard the bearish trend to propel higher. In the coming years, the token may showcase a notable upswing to form a new ATH very soon.

Year MATIC Price Forecast
2022 $1.12 to $1.2
2023 $2.3 to $3.7
2024 $4.1 to $5.2
2025 $5.5 to $6.4

Polygon News Today

  • Easyfi, a popular Layer-2 lending protocol adds value to the DeFi space by launching their new product ‘Electric’ which allows the users to carry out  margin trades. The tesnet just went live on Polygon chain.
  • Polygon Studios recently teamed up with Meta Studio to develop a Metaverse platform for the creators.
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