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EthereumPoW Price Prediction: ETHPoW Price Attempting to Range High, Will It Reach $12 in October?


Key Takeaways: 

  • The EthereumPoW price closed the previous day’s trade at $10.51 with a self-reported  market capitalization of $1.2 billion & a circulating supply of 120.52 million ETH
  • Since the Merge, the price has been falling. Although the bulls are attempting to keep the price above $10, the growing bearish influence may force the price to end the month’s trading on a negative note.

EthereumPoW (ETHW) PRICE & Technical Analysis 

Current Price $10.31
ETHW Price Prediction for Today $8.16
Volatility  62.95%
50-Day SMA $41.52
14 Day RSI 28.48
Sentiment Bearish
Fear and Greed Index 20 (Extreme Fear)
Green Days 13/30 (43%)
200-Day SMA NA

EthereumPoW Technical Analysis for the Month

Soon after its launch, the price of EthereumPoW significantly decreased, which was followed by the Ethereum network switching from PoW to PoS. After falling to lows of about $5, the price experienced a parabolic recovery to rise back to levels above $10. The possibility of a noteworthy plunge hangs over the rally because the bears have once again dominated it. 

The EthereumPoW, which is currently trading at $10, is about to deviate from the symmetrical triangle. If the asset falls from these levels, it might be able to test its immediate support level, which is initially around $9.03. As these levels are extremely weak, they may not offer a strong base to rebound from. As a result, by the end of the month, the token may continue to head toward $8.5 before launching a solid rebound back above $10. 

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EthereumPoW Technical Analysis at a Glance

EthereumPoW was created by the miners who wanted Ethereum to continue over the Proof-of-Work network. Therefore, the forked chain began its function just before the merge and dropped massively. The merge did not impact the ETHW price as the price traded flat before and after the transition. 

Currently, the XRP price is trying hard to maintain a significant upswing, but the bears are also poised to drag the price lower. 

Short-Term Given that the trend is moving south, the ETHW could experience a sizable pullback. 
Mid-Term The price is attempting a u-shaped recovery, but the bears are posing a significant obstacle.
Long-Term NA

Will ETHW Price Reach $11.31 Today?

The price of EthereumPoW has increased over the last five days, rising from $5.99 to as high as $13.88. Since then, the price has started to descend and is now testing the pivotal trend line, which provided a firm base. The bears are compelling the price to break through the trend line but the bulls may keep up the momentum. 

After a significant fight near the trend line, the bulls might tire and the price might experience a temporary pullback. However, as the day’s end draws near, the volatility could increase, significantly raising the price above $10. The ETHW price may trade around $10.5 by the close of the day’s trading, but if the bearish dominance continues, it may stay consolidated below $9.4.

Will ETHW Price Reach $13.46 by the End of the Month?

Within a week of its launch, the price of ETHW plunged dramatically from levels around $45 to as low as $5. Since that time, the token has been unable to resume a bullish trend to reach the previous high levels. However, to maintain a strong ascending trend over the past few days, the token has been trading along a lower trend line. 

Given that the selling volume is below average levels, it is anticipated that the ETHW crypto price will hold the lower trend line and launch a strong rebound. As a result, even though the monthly close is just around the corner, the volatility levels could slightly rise. This could push the price even further, forcing it to either recover and hold its positions above $12 or crash hard to test the $9.46 support level.

Hence, the EthereumPoW price prediction for the month lies between $10.5 and $12.4.

EthereumPoW Price Prediction: Price Trend Comparison with Ethereum(ETH)

Ethereum POW

Source: Tradingview

  • EthereumPoW is the forked token which continues to work on the PoW mechanism after the Ethereum chain shifted to PoS
  • Ever since its inception, ETHPoW remained highly volatile while the ETH price continued to trade flat
  • The ETH/USDT price traded below the average levels between -8.89% to -21.99% and currently trading at -21.99%
  • Conversely, the ETHPoW price dropped from +112.90% to as low as -77.16% and trading at -55.34% at the moment

EthereumPoW Price Prediction: 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

The EthereumPoW token has just begun its trade with less than a month of history, and hence the token has a long way to go. The upcoming network upgrades and positive market sentiments may induce a notable increase in bullish momentum. This may uplift the price beyond the bearish influence to revive the much-required ascending trend in the coming days.

Year ETHW Price Forecast
2022 $15 to $19
2023 $18 to $25
2024 $32 to $45
2025 $41 to $48

EthereumPoW News Today

  • EthereumPoW announces its’s First Ecosystem and invites the startups to build on their chain.


  • The EthereumPoW chain soon after its lauch faced a major exploit and lost 200WETH amid a reply attack against the Omni bridge
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