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BinanceCoin Price Prediction 2025-2030: This is When BNB Price May Reach $1000

Key Takeaways 

  • The BinanceCoin price closed the previous day’s trade at $272 with a market capitalization of $34.98 billion and a circulating supply of 161,001,443.80 BNB
  • BNB price has recovered from the lows and is attempting to maintain a strong upswing to reclaim levels above $500 initially, and then head towards the 4-digit target in the coming days.

BinanceCoin Price Prediction Today

Current Price $271.79
BNB Price Prediction for Today $277.56
Volatility  2.65%
50-Day SMA $277.92
14 Day RSI 45.78
Sentiment Bearish
Fear and Greed Index 23 (Extreme Fear)
Green Days 13/30(43%)
200-Day SMA $299.20

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BinanceCoin Technical Analysis

BNB Price

Source: Tradingview

  • Since the price fell dramatically during the May market collapse, the BNB price has been trading within a pennant.
  • The price has been steadily rising over the last few days, with consistent higher highs and lows.
  • Furthermore, it is approaching critical levels, where a slight increase in bull dominance may allow the price to break above and reach $332.
  • If the price fails to do so, it will fall towards the lower support at around $243. The intensity of the recovery, however, is determined by the strength of the bulls and bears.

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BinanceCoin On Chain Analysis 

  • The Daily active address of the BNB Chain after a significant drop has witnessed a minor spike of let, indicating the increased activity of the market participants.

BNB Price Coin

Source: Santiment

  • The MVRV-Z score is slowly rising, and maintaining a notable uptrend, signalling the value of the token is rising considerably.

  • The BNB whales from the past couple of months are neither selling nor accumulating the tokens while the holders holding 1000 to 10,000 BNB are rising significantly.


The BNB price has been trading within a consistent range for nearly a week. As a result, the token appears to have gained a notable strength. Therefore, after trading within a consolidated range, in a compressed manner for an extended time, the price could be compelled to break above the resistance very soon. 

The Binancecoin price has been facing constant rejections at $275.5 in recent times but it is strongly holding the lower support at $269.1 at the moment. The price is expected to trade between these levels until the end of the day’s close. However, as the trade approaches the edge, a slight increase in volatility may be expected. 

Hence Binance Coin’s price prediction for today is between $270 to $273. 

WILL BinanceCoin Price REACH $297 by the End of October 2022?

The H2 of September 2022 was pretty bullish as the price maintained a firm upswing to reach a high close to $300. Woefully, the October trade turned out to be extremely bearish which squeezed more than 13% to drag the price lower to $257.7. Presently, the BNB price is testing the lower support along the trend line & a rebound may keep up the bullish momentum. 

The price in the next couple of days is expected to maintain an ascending trend with less volatility to avoid drastic pullbacks. Eventually, the token may elevate its prices beyond $275 until the end of the week and maintain a similar upswing further. Therefore, the Binance coin price prediction this week is $275, while for the month is $284.

BinanceCoin Price Prediction 2025-2030

BinanceCoin price was trading under a strong bearish influence since the beginning of the 2022 trade. Despite multiple attempts, the price failed to regain $500 and woefully, the market collapse in May slashed the prices below $400. While the market conditions are still sceptical, BNB’s price is expected to maintain a notable upswing until the 2022 close and mark a bullish close. 

In the upcoming years, the BNB price may regain the levels at $500 initially and further head towards its ATH. Moreover, the bulls may soon jump in and elevate the price close to or even surpass a 4-digit target in the coming years. Therefore the BinanceCoin price prediction for 2025-2023 is extremely bullish.

Year BNB Price Forecast
2022 $412 to $478
2023 $634 to $723
2024 $810 to $1012
2025 $998 to $1200

BinanceCoin News Today

  • Binance partners with Safepal, a crypto hard wallet to introduce the new Safepal mini App on Binance

  • The pool launched a $500 million project as a Miner lending program to support the crypto mining industry

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