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Avalanche Price Prediction: Investors Drawback their Attention on AVAX, Here are the Targets for September

Avax price prediction

Key Takeaways:

  • The Avalanche(AVAX) price closed the previous day’s trade at $19.44 with a market capitalization of $5.51 billion and a circulating supply of 294.5 million
  • The AVAX price is closer to embark a strong upward trajectory to slice through the consolidation that has been extended from past 3 months

Avalanche(AVAX) PRICE & Technical Analysis

Current Price $20.2
AVAX Price Prediction for Today $22.19
Volatility  16.27%
50-Day SMA $23.60
14 Day RSI 36.87
Sentiment Bearish
Fear and Greed Index 22 (Extreme Fear)
Green Days 11/30 (37%)
200-Day SMA $45.03

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AvalancheTechnical Analysis for the Month

The Avalanche (AVAX) price broke down from the rising parallel channel just before the beginning of September, marking new lows below $20. However, ever since the beginning of the present trading month, the asset has halted the descending trend, paving way for the bullish pressure to accumulate. 

In the coming days, one can expect the bulls to gear up and uplift the price close to $25 initially. If the asset escapes a rejection, then it may re-enter the same parallel channel and begin with a significant upward swing. Presently, Avalanche’s price is trading at $20 and by the end of September, the prices are expected to be elevated above $30. 

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Avalanche Technical Analysis at a Glance

The AVAX price had smashed a 3-digit figure, marking its highs and sustained around $100 until the beginning of April. However, the May crash impacted the asset to a larger extent, which was later fueled by multiple factors. Hence compelling the price to drop below the crucial support levels. 

Nevertheless, the asset seems to have accomplished the bearish trend and is preparing to undergo a parabolic recovery very soon.

Short-Term The asset with the recent price action has flipped from the bottom and as the buying pressure has accumulated, the upswing may continue
Mid-Term Avalanche price is attempting to ignite a parabolic recovery to regain a bullish trend
Long-Term The selling pressure has eased and hence a significant surge in prices may be underway

Will AVAX Price Reach $25 Today?

The price after beginning the fresh month trade within a narrow consolidation revisited the bottoms during the previous trading day. Since then the asset gained significant bullish momentum and raised by 11%. However, the price is heavily consolidating from $19.8 to 20.3 & hence a bullish breakout is much expected. 

The AVAX price is currently trading within a bullish flag and preparing to set up yet another pole of the bullish flag. However, the consolidation is expected to prevail until the day’s close and further, the price may again break out of the consolidation to reach levels close to $22 by the end of the day’s trade.

Will AVAX Price Reach $40 by the End of the Month?

The AVAX price movements were much elevated before the price slash which hindered the rally at around $30 and compelled the price to close the monthly trade on a bearish note. After hitting the bottoms, the price rebounded finely and closer to igniting a significant bull run ahead. 

In the coming days, AVAX’s price may coil up and reach the desired target of close to $50. Initially, until the mid of September, the price may reach $23 and may face a minor pullback. However, $20 support levels may be maintained which could be the base for the asset to propel high. By the end of the monthly trade, the Avalanche price prediction may be between $38 to $40. 

Avalanche Price Prediction: Price Trend Comparison with Polygon(MATIC)

Avax price prediction

Source: Tradingview

  • Avalanche & Polygon are among the two popular altcoins in the crypto space, but Avalanche works to compete with Ethereum, while Polygon works for Ethereum
  • AVAX price has displayed significant strength compared to that of MATIC in the past 30 days, but recently has bottomed hard 
  • The MATIC/USDT price markers its highs at around +10.84% and later dropped to -18.34% and currently trading at -3.86%
  • On the other hand, the MATIC price raised high to hit +22.19% that dropped hard to hit -26.38% and presently recovered slightly to trade around -4.04%

Avalanche Price Prediction: 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

Avalanche price ever since the May crash has been undervalued heavily and maintained a narrow trend below $30. However, with the coiling market sentiments, the price may also rise high and eventually achieve the levels before the crash. By the end of the yearly trade, the price is expected to sustain above the gained levels and maintain a strong upward trajectory in the coming years. 

Year AVAX Price Forecast
2022 $65 to $75
2023 $180 to $220
2024 $360 to $415
2025 $550 to $610

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Avalanche News Today

  • A leading stable swap running on Avalanche, Platypus, recently launched the first voting gauges that are believed to have impacted the overall ecosystem.


  • In the recent past, Kyle Roche, the founder of Roche Freedom & Crypto leaks, had claimed AVA Labs had a secret pact with crypto leaks to attack the rivals in the market. However, in the latest update, Roche has reportedly withdrawn from crypto class actions. 
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