Our Employees Speak- Workation with CoinDCX in Goa

“India to go under complete lockdown from March 21, 2020!”, this piece of news literally changed everything for us as a corporate in the past two years. From working in close-knit working spaces to meeting each other for regular meetings everything became digital and being Online was the new normal.  Although there were many speculations around Work from home reducing productivity and increased layoffs, the team at CoinDCX was up for another adventure.  

Cubical meetings transformed to regular google meets, cafeteria catch-ups now took the form of quick huddles and brainstorming sessions found themselves across different channels on slack. When the world was battling the loss in productivity and enthusiasm due to lockdown, CoinDCX was busy writing the next chapter of making crypto accessible to millions!

The enthusiasm and zeal was such that it grew 8X in human potential by the end of 2021. It became India’s first crypto exchange to achieve Unicorn status, and today enables more than 7 million investors across the country to turn their crypto dreams into reality.  And believe us as we write, all these numbers were achieved while the team only met online! 

Work never felt hectic even when our employees hardly knew what the face behind the screen looked like. But it was time to level up. CoinDCX is not just an organization pioneering the revolution in the finance sector but it is a family of tech and non-tech enthusiasts who firmly believe in the potential of cryptocurrency.

 It was time to spark new ideas, closely know the faces behind those voices in catch-ups, and live the town hall meetings we all have been attending online. As the country slowly started to move from locked to unlocked state and things started to get back to what was once normal, the team decided to catch up in the most relaxing city of the country, Goa. 

It was time to collaborate beyond departments, meet new faces, learn and unlearn things and have fun. The task of getting more than 200 employees spread across the nation to come to Goa, stay, and have a gala time in itself was hectic. But as the team motto goes, “Ye Bhi ho jayega!” (We can achieve even this) made the entire process look seamless.  

The first day of the 3-day long stay that began on November 14th, 2021 saw all the employees having a one on one talk with the founders, Sumit Gupta and Neeraj Khandelwal. The AMA session touched on various topics such as the driving force behind the organization, common crypto goals, a sneak peek of the founder’s portfolio, and where we see ourselves in the next year! The gist of the entire session was summed up by our CEO and co-founder, Sumit Gupta

“Kuch bhi karo bas mazaa ana chaiye!” 

(No matter what you do, you should always have fun!)

While the other days were packed with meetings and other fun activities, chilling at Goa was also “mandatory”. After long in-person meetings with managers and teammates, the entire CoinDCX would catch up with one another at lunch and dinner parties. Dance on the latest Bollywood songs at Neon night and share laughter at the comedy shows. 

Did we work while we were in Goa? Yes, we worked more than we usually do. However, it was fun. The voices finally found their respective faces and slack conversations now became more friendly. 

To quote, Medha, the content writer here at CoinDCX,

The Plugout was sort of a handshake for me. It blew my mind to see so much fun and meetings going simultaneously! Not only did it motivate me for even better outcomes but also cemented my belief in the potential of the crypto space.” 

While everyone danced at night, the early morning breakfast session was all about discussing the numbers teams plan to achieve for the next campaigns and ventures. The goals for the next six months didn’t just see a heads up but a pipeline down the two years time was also laid out.  This reminds me of what Yogitha, performance marketing Intern at CoinDCX said,

“This is insanely amazing! ”

Late-night road trips with new friends and colleagues, late-night team discussions, and early morning brainstorming sessions finally came to an end on 18th November 2021.  Everyone headed back home with loaded bags, goals, and memories.  Everyone left Goa with a wish to meet each other once things get better and stay connected over slack for work and beyond that.  And that’s how the 3 days long  Goa trip came to an end. A week to remember for all the fun, work, and crazy new things we learned. 

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Written by: Sudeshna Nayak, Marketing Intern.

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