Evolving Dynamics of a changing world – and the role of the organization in enabling connections

The world has fast-forwarded at least a decade in the last two years, in terms of developments, adoption of futuristic technologies, and ways of life. To say the least, all of us have transitioned from spending the majority of our waking life with our colleagues to that with our family;  a possibility that most of us could have only wished for, but we never imagined it to come true so soon. 

With that, changed the way we functioned. We transitioned from long early morning commutes to the ability to plan a daily morning workout. For some, it was also about the lazy mornings and the urge to lend a hand towards daily household chores. Most of all, it created the flexibility to plan our day, while attending all work meetings from the comfort of our home. . For CoinDCX, there was a larger change that was brewing in the Company. We grew from a team of 35 to 250 over virtual interviews and team connections. The more we engaged virtually and led the company to achieve some big audacious goals, we only longed for the opportunity to see each other and add to that personal connection that was building among us. 

It just felt like the right time to bring the entire team together under one roof and help them get to know each other more at a personal level. While reminiscing about our journey to becoming the first crypto unicorn of the nation, and getting certified as a Great Place to Work, we planned CoinDCX Plugout. This is where we connected with our peers, rejuvenated under the unique charm that Goa provides, and innovated together. 

Earlier, we had several sessions listening to our Founders and leaders talking about their journey, vision, and ideas; but listening to them in person was a different high altogether. When our founders, Neeraj and Sumit, took the stage to talk about their initial days of building CoinDCX, it was nothing short of emotional for all of us. That first time when all 200 of us collected in one room, we could all feel the goosebumps. It was an emotional moment, a moment of pride when we paused for just a second to let the scale sink in on us; and just the next moment we started discussing our future roadmap.

The world has changed for sure; remote and hybrid workplaces are the present and the future, but no format can take away the power of human connections that are built in person. We’ve come back stronger with a shared passion that all of us are striving for and a reaffirmation that we have one of the best teams we could have ever dreamt of.

Written by: Mudita Chauhan, Head of HR at CoinDCX.

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