Top 30 Crypto Communities You Shouldn’t Miss out On 

The global crypto population has increased by more than 170% in 2021, rising from 106 million in January to 295 million in December. On 22 July, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a global management consulting firm, released a report stating that crypto addition is likely  to accelerate further, with the number of crypto users reaching a billion by 2030. The rapid growth of crypto is due to knowledge  sharing and expanding acceptance. Experts in this field have created  numbers of communities to help people keep up to date with the  crypto world. 

What is a Crypto community? 

A crypto community basically is a group of like-minded people with a shared interest in crypto, blockchain or Web3 in general. These communities provide a platform, where people come, share ideas,  opinions, ask question and network. Blockchain and Web3 are new innovative technology and not  everyone can understand these. Members of the crypto communities act as a family and make it their responsibility to educate others. 

Benefits of joining Crypto communities 

Crypto communities have a lot of remarkable things to offer. 

  1. Provides an effective platform for communication – To understand the complex terminologies and technology of the  crypto world, you need someone to explain these to you.  Through communities, people with same interests can exchange  their ideas and knowledge with members from different parts of  the world.
  2. Provides Customer Support – Many decentralised exchanges and blockchain projects build  communities to help users with their queries and problems in  using the particular project. You can also give feedbacks and  suggestions for the product you are using.
  3. An interactive learning hub – The greater number of like-minded people you interact with, the  more things you learn. In a crypto community, you meet a lot of  people working for different projects, building products,  learning different newer technologies. These things provide you  a lot of learning resources.
  4. Plenty of money-making opportunities – As more people join a community, you get to know about a lot  of money-making opportunities.

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Why is Web3 and crypto communities so important?

Surprisingly, for an industry founded around deep technology, blockchain projects rely heavily on word of mouth for recognition,  whether that’s in term of attracting the best developers or being  recommended and supported by the community members all across  the world. 

Community members play a role in the development of project.  They’ll review products and offer their insights as well as highlight  market trends. Projects often ask communities to vote on decisions  allowing them to decide how to develop on chain or what the next crypto partnership or collaboration should be. Engaged communities also act  as best advocates on social media for new blockchain/web3 projects.  This kind of organic support is indispensable.  

Top 10 crypto communities to join on Telegram

Name  Link  Known For  No. of  


CoinDCX Pro  Networking, market updates  and getting customer support  from the CoinDCX team 61.37k
DeFi Million  Pumping prices of several coins  149.6k
ICO Speaks  Marketing services for token  owners 73.4k
BTC Champ  Exchanging crypto without any  commission 95.8k
Decenter  Teaching tokenomics of crypto  projects 27.4k

Analytics  Have information of all the ICOs  and their investors 79.9k

NFT News  NFT News Aggregator  259k

Bullets  Provides latest news around  Bitcoin 64.3k
The Bull  Technical analysis and trading  signals 218.2k
Bitinning  Making complex Web3 topics  simpler through live sessions  and podcasts 2.2k

1) CoinDCX Pro Community 

CoinDCX (India’s largest and safest crypto exchange) is building an  ecosystem, where people come, learn and share ideas with other like minded people. 

With more than 61,000 members, CoinDCX Pro Telegram group is one  of the largest crypto community, keeping people up-to-date with the  crypto industry. It’s also a great place to network and interact with  amazing people from across the country. 

2) DeFi Million 

Many people join this channel to receive free trade signals,  information about DeFi tokens and other crypto. 

Members from this group were among the first to participate in the  game of “Pump and Dump”, where they purchase specific tokens in  bulk, causing the price of such tokens to spike and thereby benefiting  the entire community. 

3) ICO Speaks 

It is the best crypto discussion group for new cryptocurrency ventures  and investors. It provides insights on ICO/IEO, DeFi, airdrops and token sales. It also offers crypto marketing services for token owners looking  for ways to stand out in the market. 

4) BTC Champ 

It provides a trustworthy platform to exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum and  USDT without any commission. It offers a safe place to exchange  crypto along with accurate market insights. 

5) Decenter 

It teaches the topics of economics and digital currency. It also distributes a newsletter covering industry news every morning.  Members can discuss various crypto related topics in various sub channels dedicated to topics like trading, mining, airdrops etc. 

6) ICO Analytics 

This channel lists ICO projects and the investors who invest in them. With plenty of projects popping out every day, this platform helps you  filter out the junk from the treasures. 

7) Metaverse NFT News 

It acts as a news aggregator for all the news related to NFTs. The team  filters out important news and information from the noise and present  before you. 

8) Bitcoin Bullets 

It offers bitcoin bullets, trading data and market information to help  its users understand, when and where to invest their money. In addition to market information and commentary, all the fresh news  around Bitcoin and the crypto world is shared here. 

9) The Bull 

It is the best go-to channel for technical analysis and coin  recommendation. Every day you will be able to see in-depth technical  analysis on some coin.They also provide scalping, leverage calls, spot  buying signals and real time news. It is my personal favourite channel,  because their analysis is very accurate. 

10) Bitinning 

Created by one of India’s best Crypto/Web3 educator, Kashif Raza, this  channel is a goldmine of web3 resources and learnings. You will keep  on getting notifications regarding all the live sessions, podcasts Kashif  make with numerous founders, builders and experts in the crypto  field. 

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Top 10 crypto communities to join on Reddit

Name  Link  Known For  No. of  


r/Bitcoin  Trading tips,  updates, crypto  meme 4.6M
r/Binance  Insights, news and resources regarding trading  on Binance 875k
r/CryptoMarkets  Price movement  analysis of coins 1.1M
r/btc  Technical discussions around Bitcoin and its derivatives 1M
r/bitcoinbeginners  Best guide for beginners 1.1M
r/defi  News, updates and insights of DeFi Projects 103k
r/CryptoTechnology  Crypto and blockchain discussion without any noise 723k
r/opensea  A place to pick up  free NFTs 163k
r/ethereum  Updates and resources for Web3 builders 1.5M
r/ico  Updates on all upcoming ICOs 49.4k

1) r/Bitcoin 

It is one of the best and biggest crypto subreddits. All types of crypto  contents including trading tips, market updates, crypto memes are  available here. Whether you are a bitcoin hodler or just a beginner,  this is a great place for you to learn, interact and network. 

2) r/Binance 

Binance is the largest crypto exchange in this world in terms of trading  volume. r/Binance offers a mix of useful articles and user questions on  how to use the service, making it a great place to get started. The  members share insights, news and lots of valuable resources and  information regarding crypto trading. 

3) r/CryptoMarkets 

If you want to make money trading crypto, this subreddit should be  your go-to. Users regularly share articles and tips about launches to  keep an eye on, price movement analysis of various coins.

4) r/btc 

The topics of discussion here is almost identical to that of the  subreddit r/Bitcoin. It not only focuses on Bitcoin, but on its other  variants like Bitcoin Cash, wrapped bitcoin etc. The discussion here is  a little more technical and is great for a Bitcoin maximalist. 

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5) r/bitcoinbeginners 

It is a must go-to, if you are just getting started with Bitcoin. Members  of this community can help you in deciding what moves to make while  trading, where to start etc. 

6) r/defi 

If you are into decentralised finance, here you can share your thoughts  and learn new things. It is great if you are looking for analysis, or want  to ask questions about the crypto projects, you are working on. This  subreddit is a mixture of questions, articles, information, tips. 

7) r/CryptoTechnology 

Memes, markets and promotional posts are all banned from this  subreddit, making it a great way to get away from the noise and have  some calm and in-depth discussions. It is a good community to discuss  about blockchain and the crypto technology. 

8) r/opensea 

OpenSea is the first and largest NFT marketplace. This subreddit is a  great platform to keep an eye on latest NFT launches. You can see  countless posts everyday with plenty of giveaways, where you can win  amazing NFTs.

9) r/ethereum 

Plenty of dApps and NFT projects are build upon the Ethereum  blockchain. This subreddit is dedicated to discuss everything in  Ethereum, hence attracting builders around the globe. 

10) r/ico 

It is a location for posting all the ICOs. If you wish to invest your money  in ICO,it is a perfect place, as it will keep you updated about all the  upcoming ICOs. 

Top 10 Crypto Communities to join on Discord

Name  Link  Known For  No. of  


Okto  Learning DeFi in a fun and  rewarding way 759
Axion  Premium trading signals  49.35k
Web3 Bharat  Web3 meetups and  


Cryptohub  All types of crypto 


Filthy Rich  

Futures  Profitable crypto trading  signals 17.34k
Spiritual DAO  Flourishing spirituality  

among Web3 builders

Friends with  benefits  Paid community of web3  artists and thinkers 14.7k
Elite Crypto  

Signals  Provide trading signals 

with quality technical  


Larva Labs  First, fully dedicated NFT  server 70.1k

Crypto  Discussions around the  underlying mechanisms  and working of cryptos 12.6k

1) Okto 

Launched by CoinDCX, Okto aims at providing solutions for all  interoperability challenges with a single wallet for all DeFi things. If  you want to enter into the world of DeFi, Okto Discord server is a must  go-to place. The admins share their analysis and research on various  crypto/blockchain projects and numerous resources to help you pave  your way into this domain. The most interesting thing is the daily quizzes, where you learn  amazing things and win exciting rewards. 

2) Axion 

Good community to find people to discuss about crypto trading and  investments. Axion also provides premium trade signals along with the  guidance to execute those trades. 

3) Web3 Bharat 

It is a community to bring together curious minds pan India to spread  awareness around Web3. In their discord server, you will find people  discussing stuffs regarding various web3 projects, web3 meetups. You  will also find a lot of structured learning resources to help you in your Web3 journey. 

4) Cryptohub 

It is a crypto community dedicated to all things Crypto, such as gem  hunting, IDOs, ICOs, staking, NFTs, trading, investing and much more.  It contains guides and introductions to crypto that is helpful to the 

beginners. It also has free trade signals provided by professional  analytics. 

5) Filthy Rich Futures 

It is a crypto trading community, focusing more on futures trading.  This discord server is relatively new, but set up by professionals. The  goal of this community is to make perhaps a modest but definitely  steady profit on a daily basis. 

6) Spiritual DAO 

It is a discord server for crypto investors, mental health, mindfulness  and Web3 developers. The mission of this DAO is to build a  collectively-desired reality: one which allows spirituality to flourish in  the metaverse

7) Friends with Benefits 

It is the ultimate cultural membership powered by a community of  Web3 artists, operators, and thinkers. To join this community, you  must hold $FWB tokens. 

8) Elite Crypto Signals 

The members in this server help each other by providing trading  signals based on quality technical analysis. Some of the founding  members of this community have been in crypto business since 2012. 

9) Larva Labs

It was one of the first servers on Discord, fully dedicated to NFTs. To  stay up to date with the latest trends in NFTs, you should consider  joining their Discord Server named “CryptoPunks”. 

10) Cracking Crypto 

If you are interested in understanding the working mechanism behind  the crypto, the blockchain technology, this server should be your go to place. It has sub-channels explaining various aspects of crypto and  the underlying blockchain as well as dedicated channels for trading  signals. 


Web3 and wider blockchain projects are founded on principles that  ensure that no single individual or corporation can take full control.  The nature of the blockchain is decentralized and the segment gives  due importance to its community, which is basically a network of  workers and supporters.

It’s important to know that the power of  community is not based on its size but rather on how harmonious and interactive that community is in a thriving ecosystem. The beauty of  blockchain and crypto communities is that they are usually spread across the world and there are many choices when it comes to  deciding how to spread your message it can be via telegram, discord,  twitter or reddit. 

Disclaimer: User Generated Content – Original Content created by a member of CoinDCX Ambassador Program – The Pathbreaker Initiative. The views and opinions expressed within this post belong solely to the author.

Author: Pritam Matari


Are crypto community members important? 

Crypto community members to a project is like an engine to a  car. Community members help run any blockchain/web3 project smoothly without any issue. They help greatly in building,  marketing and advocating any project. 

How many cryptos are available? 

As of July 2022, there are 20,268 cryptos available in the market.

Are there other social media platforms can I find crypto communities? 

Yes. You can find crypto communities on Twitter, Instagram,  Facebook, WhatsApp, Slack etc.

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