Earn up to 100 TUSD with DCXinsta!

Hello to the #DCXinsta community!

You have been asking us to share an update on the new referral program for the longest time ever!

The new referral program goes live today at 8:30 pm. Now your love for DCXinsta can help you earn 100 TUSD.

Gear up to earn 100 TUSD and we’ll run you through the referral process:

Step 1

If you are an existing DCXinsta user, on buying/selling crypto on the platform, you’ll find the option of sharing a referral link for DCXinsta with your friends.

Refer your friends to DCXinsta

When your friend signs up on DCXinsta and buys/sells crypto worth ₹1000 or more, you and your friend both earn 1 TUSD!

Gift 1 TUSD and earn 1 TUSD (upto 100 TUSD) for every friend who buys/sells crypto worth ₹1000 or more.

Step 2

You and your friend both unlock your 1 TUSD when your friend uses DCXinsta platform to buy/sell crypto worth ₹1000 or more.

Claim your 1 TUSD on DCXinsta

Step 3

Keep sharing #InstaLove with your friends and unlock a total of 100 TUSD!

Earn up to 100 TUSD

Gift 1 TUSD and earn 1 TUSD for every friend who buys/sells crypto worth ₹1000 or more on DCXinsta. Share your love for #DCXinsta and earn upto 100 TUSD. Referral Program goes live at 8:30 pm tonight.

Disclaimer: In case of discrepancy/ concerns, referral bonus of 1 TUSD, up to 100 TUSD will be credited to user on sole discretion of the concerned team at CoinDCX Pro.

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