Now start selling on DCXinsta!

At CoinDCX we have always believed in making #CryptoInstant. Buying 40+ cryptos instantly became possible with the launch of DCXinsta! After a successful run, we received an overwhelming number of requests to introduce selling on the platform. And we are excited to make this possible for our users.

Team CoinDCX hustled hard and put in relentless hours of ideation, design and technology into making it possible! You can start selling on DCXinsta.

Why sell on DCXinsta ?

Have you converted your tokens to BTC/ETH or USDT for selling against INR?

What if you could sell any token of your choice?

Sell 40+ cryptos instantly against INR on DCXinsta

You have the #CryptoFreedom to sell 40+ cryptocurrencies for INR on DCXinsta. No more hassle of converting tokens for selling.

How to sell on DCXinsta ?

Sell on DCXinsta in 3 simple steps :

Step 1

Registered users can login to CoinDCX, and add their bank details (if not already added).

Click on DCXinsta and arrive at this window.

New users need to signup on for access to the DCXinsta platform.

Not a CoinDCX user ? You can signup here and follow Step 1.


The screenshots provided here are for selling BTC, to sell a different token, select it from the top left corner of the screen.

Step 2

After you enter the volume of a particular token (in this example BTC), confirm your bank details here.

Confirm your payment details on this screen

If these details are not correct, you can exit this window and change your bank details in the profile section.

Step 3

After you confirm your details, you arrive at this window. Your request is received and you can check your Pending INR balance on the homepage.

The INR balance reflects on the homepage instantly.

It takes between 2-6 hours for the INR to reflect in your bank account.


Prices are competitive. The selling price of a token is determined based on the best price a buyer would pay for that particular token.

Get started now

1. Sign up on CoinDCX if you are not a DCXinsta user yet!

2. Enter your bank details and submit KYC

3. Start selling on DCXinsta!

So what are you waiting for ? Try DCXinsta, the new way of buying and selling cryptocurrency.

Share your #InstaExperience with friends and family.

Start selling crypto on DCXinsta here.

❓For queries and further questions, reach out to us on our official channels and follow us for latest updates.

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