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The Ethereum Developers Team will be Launching a ‘Shadow Fork’ Before The Ether Withdrawal

The Ethereum Developers Team will be Launching a 'Shadow Fork' Before The Ether Withdrawal

The crypto world was getting geared up for the first step in Ethereum’s transition to a faster network last year. Once the Merge was officially deployed, the Ethereum network successfully transitioned to working in a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism than its previously Proof of Work consensus. Similar to the testiest that caused the 2 year delay in the deployment, which made sure the smooth transition, before the Ethereum network steps onto its next upgrade, the developers team at Ethereum is taking the same measurements.

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As the Ethereum network is preparing for the Shanghai update, the developers are attempting to attack the forked testnet with malicious nodes to make a check list and see if they can find vulnerabilities!

According t0 a tweet thread posted yesterday by Go-Ethereum developer Marius Van Der Wijden, with the proposed date for the Ethereum Shanghai update almost here, developers have taken a route to create a testing environment called a “shadow fork”.  The new testnet is said to have been created so that the developers can test the conditions needed for Ether staking withdrawals. The service which are currently disabled but have been said that the option will most likely become enabled in the Shanghai update.

Ethereum developers have named the testnet as “Withdrawal-Mainnet-Shadow-Fork-1.” What is a Shadow Fork? According to Alchemy, Web3 node provider, a “shadow fork” is a fork that is similar to devnets. The difference lies in the fact that shadow forks copy the state of another network, i.e. a mainnet, instead of having a state of its own. Shadow forks of the mainnet are mainly intended to be used only for testing purposes.

The current network is working fine, but the attacks are being made to see if the upgrade is ready to prevent malicious attacks. These tests will also make the developers aware if further changes are to be made before it is implemented on the mainnet.

In a recent meeting that was held by the Ethereum developers, January 6, 2023, the team decided on excluding the proposed EVM Object Format (EOF), which is intended to make Ethereum easier to upgrade in the future, from the Shanghai upgrade. This decision was taken so that the Shanghai upgrade does not get delayed. It was done due to the increased urgency for making Ether staking withdrawals a reality!

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According to a December report by Nansen, about 14.5 million ETH, has been deposited into the Ethereum staking contract which cannot be withdrawn currently.

Source: Nansen

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Source: CoinTelegraph

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