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Now Create And Mint Avalanche NFTs By Shopify Merchant

Top Crypto News Today: Shopify Merchants Can Now Design, Mint and Sell Avalanche NFTs

The most revered e-commerce shopping software service provider Shopify (SHOP) integrated the minting and selling of NFTs for entrepreneurs on Avalanche blockchain. According to a press release, Shopify users can now create and sell NFTs with minimal technical knowledge. Business owners on Shopify can create NFTs and these assets will be made available for physical sale on the website. This transaction does not require the customers to have a crypto wallet. Instead, the customer will receive an email with a newly generated crypto wallet for them. 

“The integration makes it easy to navigate Avalanche NFT sales from initial design all the way through final distribution,” said John Nahas, vice president of business at Ava Labs. 

The e-commerce mammoth launched its NFTs in July 2021. Shopify business users were able to make their own NFTs without any third-party support. The firm had also released an edition of NFTs of NBA Chicago Bulls. 

According to Venly, Shopify business owners can earn royalties by selling these NFTs in secondary markets. 

“Being a blockchain that is very fast, low cost, and eco-friendly, Avalanche was an obvious choice for us to provide businesses an excellent NFT sales solution.” Tim Dierckxsens, Venly CEO said. 

To visualize Shopify’s market share in a fuller perspective, the e-commerce giant has been generating more than$1B in total revenue per quarter. This amount accounted for nearly 20% of the total US$5.4 billion in online retail e-commerce sales for the year 2022. The e-commerce sales are estimated to grow by 5% year-over-year (YoY) by 2025.

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What are the benefits of minting NFTs through Venly on Shopify? 

  • Brand recognition 
  • More supported blockchains 
  • More payment options 
  • Simple claiming process. 

How does the Venly Shopify NFT App Works?

  • The Venly Shopify NFT app has a few steps:
  • Merchants create NFTs, which are automatically turned into products. 
  • Merchants display these NFTs in-store. 
  • Purchases process automatically, and NFTs are minted and sent to buyers. 
  • Merchants track the minting and distribution status. 
  • Customers get an email to access their wallet, containing their new NFT

The app is live and available to millions of Shopify merchants, with many integrations available like Coinbase Commerce to provide buyers the option to purchase NFTs with crypto. Shopify business owners simply need to mint their NFTs (products) and some description about the product and a price. These details will be linked on the chain. (Avalanche) and can be changed on the Shopify website by owners. 

About Venly NFT app 

Venly is a blockchain technology provider offering wallets, marketplace and NFT tools to businesses. Venly is on a mission to onboard the next billion users to Web3. To do this, Venly offers a comprehensive technology stack to bring brands, apps, and platforms into Web3. Trusted by many industry leaders and over 3 Million end users, Venly’s solutions provide a familiar Web2 experience to make blockchain easier for both users and developers alike.

Venly is a power-packed platform for business owners to supercharge their businesses with more sales and visibility. Wallet services, multi-chain NFT minting (Polygon and Avalanche), NFT tools and web3 gaming. 

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Shopify has joined a growing number of mainstream platforms that have embraced digital collectibles for better advertising and optimized reach.  Instagram and its parent company Meta recently opened up NFT minting and selling to a select group of digital creators across selected countries, while Reddit successfully launched its NFT marketplace.

Source: CoinDesk 

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