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How to Add INR Funds to CoinDCX via Bank Transfer (NEFT/RTGS)?

Add Funds to CoinDCX

CoinDCX is the safest crypto investment app for beginners to get started with their crypto investment journey. On the CoinDCX crypto investment app, you can deposit, withdraw, or buy 100+ vetted cryptos in INR (Indian Rupees) using several payment methods including Mobikwik Wallet, UPI, or Bank Transfer.


Minimum Deposit on CoinDCX  is INR 750 .

Maximum Deposit on CoinDCX  is upto INR 51,00,000.

How to Add INR Funds in CoinDCX via Bank Transfer (NEFT/RTGS) 

After clicking ‘Add Funds’ on the HomePage, choose the amount you want to transfer to your CoinDCX wallet. Click on ‘Continue to Pay’.

Note: It is mandatory to complete your KYC.

Step 1: Choose ‘Bank Transfer‘ and click on ‘Continue‘ to proceed Add INR Funds to CoinDCX wallet.


How to add funds to CoinDCX


Step 2: Open your any Net Banking app or Login to your NetBanking Account and copy the information provided below.

Add Funds to CoinDCX

Step 3: Select ‘Add Payee’ in your net banking app

Add Funds to CoinDCX

Step 4: Enter the payee details, that is, copy the bank account details mentioned in Step 2 (On CoinDCX App Transfer Page) and click on Confirm

Add Funds to CoinDCX

Note: Your bank addition will then be completed, and it may take 30 mins to be activated.

Step 5:  Once added, transfer the same amount of funds as specified by you in Step 1 & do not forget to add your CoinDCX registered mobile number as remarks while transferring funds.

Add Funds to CoinDCX

Step 6: Confirm the transaction & note down the Transaction ID\Reference No.

Note: To know how to find the Transaction ID on any net banking app click here

Add Funds to CoinDCX

Step 7: Copy-paste your Reference Number in the space provided as Transaction ID

Add Funds to CoinDCX

Step 8: Your INR funds will be added to your CoinDCX account within 12 hours.

Add Funds to CoinDCX

CoinDCX takes the safety of your crypto assets very seriously. All your funds on CoinDCX are insured by BitGo. Simply complete your KYC and make use of the intuitive dashboard where you can create a crypto watchlist, explore the Crypto Investment Plan (C.I.P) feature, set price alerts, and see real-time charts, prices, and so much more! Enjoy seamless transactions of funds and keep an eye out for the new tokens getting listed on the CoinDCX app.

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