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Terra Price Prediction 2025-2030: Will LUNA Price Regain a 3-Digit Figure by 2025?

Terra Price Prediction 2025-2030: Will LUNA Price Regain a 3-Digit Figure by 2025?

Key Takeaways:

  • The Terra(LUNA) price closed the previous day’s trade at $ with a market capitalization of $ and a circulating supply of 127.47 million LUNA
  • Since the token’s drop in September, the LUNA price has remained below the key resistance, awaiting a bullish push to break through.
  • Meanwhile, the crypto is indicating a possible bearish year-end, which could indicate a bullish start to the new yearly trade.

Terra (LUNA) Price Price Prediction

Current Price $2.42
LUNA Price Prediction for Today $2.55(5.62%)
Volatility  4.76%
50-Day SMA $2.51
14 Day RSI 46.93
Sentiment Bearish
Fear and Greed Index 31 (Fear)
Green Days 13/20(fear)
200-Day SMA NA

Terra Technical Analysis

  • Following a consolidated trend the previous trading day, the bears have begun to apply sufficient selling pressure. 
  • This caused the price to break through the Bollinger bands, indicating a resurgence of the bear market.
  • Furthermore, the possibility of breaking through lower support levels emerges as the market prepares for a new sell-off in the coming hours.
  • The bears appear to have dominated the rally, so no strong rebound is likely in the near future.

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Terra On Chain Analysis

  • The daily Active Address on the Terra ecosystem plummeted dramatically after the first few days of operation. The number of addresses dropped from over 46,000 to close to 2000 and remained below these levels until the press time. Meanwhile, the count surpassed 12,000 in September but did not hold.


  • Meanwhile, daily transactions on the Terra platform are increasing slightly and approaching 10,000, up from lows of around 5100 recorded during the last few days of October 2022.


  • The decline in development activity that began in May/June 2022 had reached a nadir by the middle of July. Since then, activity has increased slightly but has failed to maintain an incremental trend. Since the beginning of October, the levels have dropped significantly, indicating that any network upgrades will be limited in scope. 

Source: Santiment


As prices rose sharply in the first few days of November, market participants speculated that it could be the resurgence of a bullish trend. However, the bears quickly regained control and slashed the price by more than 20% in the last two days. Following a consolidated finish the previous day, the day’s trade setup appeared to be bearish.

The LUNA price has fallen by more than 10% since the early trading hours and is expected to remain bearish for the next few hours. Bulls who remain aloof for the time being, on the other hand, may take advantage of the opportunity to buy LUNA at a discount but may fail to raise prices. Therefore, the Terra(LUNA) price prediction for today could be around $2.35 to $2.56.

WILL Terra Price REACH $3 by the End of November 2022?

In the first few weeks of October, the LUNA price skyrocketed, reaching levels above $3. However, market trends shifted quickly as bears forced the price to fall and test levels near lower support around $2.2. Furthermore, the price was rejected several times in an attempt to reach levels near $3

Meanwhile, the price remains trapped in a very narrow range that began in H1 in September 2022. As long as the bulls remain aloof, the bears may keep the price largely below $2.5 for some time, at least until significant bullish pressure is applied. As a result, the Terra price forecast for the week is around $2.55 to $2.68, while the monthly forecast is around $3.22 to $3.42.

Terra Price Prediction 2025-2030

Terra’s price has been severely impacted after the platform reached magnificent highs exceeding three digits. The failure of the pegging mechanism resulted in a massive crash never seen before in the crypto space. Meanwhile, a new network was created to resurrect the Terra ecosystem, but it appears to have failed to carry on the legacy of the network that existed prior to the crash. 

However, with a slight shift in market trends, a significant upswing can be expected later. As a result, the Terra price prediction for 2025 could be between $30 and $35, with a significant upswing to close to a three-digit figure.

Year LUNA Price Forecast
2022 $4.45 to $5.1
2023 $14.2 to $18.6
2024 $21.89 to $28.1
2025 $32.5 to $41.5

Terra News Today

  • Terra developers have proposed an ecosystem expansion program called ‘Terra Expedition’ which is a revised proposal aiming to revive the Terra ecosystem. 

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