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Phoenix Global Price Prediction 2023: Will PHB Price Rise Beyond $1.98?

Phoenix Global Price Prediction 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • The Phoenix Global price surged by nearly 150% in the past fortnight manifesting acute strength and its self-determination to reclaim $1 at the earliest. 
  • Regardless of ongoing bearish actions, the PHB price is believed to rise notably and reach levels close to $2 by the end of 2023
  • The fractals like its dominance, volume, sentiments, etc are squeezing heavily which could create depression with the prices, resulting in an explosion very soon

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Price  $0.99
24H Price Change  -5.46%
7D Price Change +49.8%
MarketCap  $36.72 million
Circulating Supply 37.13 million
Trading Volume  $21.60 million
ATH $2.55
ATL $0.066

Phoenix Global Price History

  • Phoenix Global price conceived its trading journey after the 2021 bull rally had settled and the bearish influence was slowly intensifying
  • Since then the prices remained within the descending trend until the prices kick-started a notable upswing in September 2022 and reached the highs close to $2
  • However, the price fell into deep bearish trend and dropped in no time to mark the lows around $0.37 just before the end of the year 2022
  • Since then the price is trying hard to maintain a notable upswing and surged notably to reach the levels close to $1 at the moment

Phoenix Global Technical Analysis

PHB Price Predictions 2023

Source: Tradingview

  • The lower trend line has been acting as a strong support for the PHB price for more than a year. 
  • With the recent bounce from the lower trend line, the price jumped beyond the interim resistance at $0.86, but soon encountered bearish action before testing $1
  • The price is expected to retest the resistance turned to support levels at $0.86 in case of an extended bearish action wherein a rebound may be triggered
  • Despite a rebound, the price may continue to hover just above these levels for some time followed by a notable upswing to reach beyond $1.2

Overview of Phoneix Global On-chain Analysis:

Phoneix Global Social Volume

PHB Price Prediction 2023

Source: Santiment

The social dominance is represented by the mentions or messages that circulate on the social media platform. It is calculated by compressing the social volume of the asset to the combined volume of the 100 largest tokens with respect to market capitalization. If the asset’s social dominance rises, then it indicates that the messages or posts on the asset are rising against the top 100 assets.

The social dominance of Phoenix Global had risen significantly in recent times, spiking by more than 0.25% from levels around 0.002%. However, the dominance quickly dropped back to its initial levels within a very short time and continued to consolidate around the same levels. 

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Phoenix Global Total Weighted Sentiments

Phoenix Global Price Prediction 2023

Source: Santimnet

There are basically two types of sentiment persisting within the markets: positive and negative. Total weighted sentiments incorporate both sentiments and compare their frequency over time. If the levels rise within the positive ranges, it means that the number of positive mentions has significantly increased. 

In the case of Phoenix, however, sentiments remained negative for an extended period. The sentiments on both sides spiked frequently but failed to hold at these levels, forcing them to test the average level once more. At the moment, sentiments are trading flat, just below average, indicating that market participants continue to be bearish on Phoenix Global.

Phoenix Global Price Prediction for 2023

While the bears had spread out through 2022, the Phoenix Global price surged high to mark a new ATH just before the beginning of Q4. The price further experienced a massive plunge but quickly recovered as the token was trading under a bullish influence. As a result, the PHB price is expected to remain on the rise for a longer period of time.

The PHB price may reclaim $1 levels at any time and may also experience minor bearish action in the near future. By the end of the half-yearly trade, the price could trade around $0.12 to $0.129. Further, by the end of the yearly trading cycle in 2023, the Phoenix price is believed to rise beyond $1.25 and may also settle around $0.15. 

Phoenix Global Price Prediction for 2024 

The price is expected to trade around $0.15 in early 2024 and remain bullish throughout the year, as the bulls may have reclaimed dominance. Moving ahead, the price may maintain a notable upswing, which may even ignite a decent bull run too. The upswing may intensify bullish activity that may escalate the price to close to $2 in H1 2024. 

During the second half of 2024, the Pheneix Global price could rise to test the ATH around $0.25 but soon face bearish actions, compelling the price to drop notably. By the end of the third quarter, the price is expected to be below $0.25, and by the end of the fourth quarter, the price of PHB could regain bullish momentum and shoot up to close the year close to 2.8.

Phoenix Global PRICE PREDICTION 2025-2030

After a notable bull run in 2024, the price is believed to remain highly consolidated in 2025, which includes a couple of spikes and pullbacks too. Further in 2026, the PHB price could reach the highest level around $3.2, and after forming new highs, the bears may outpower the bulls and let out a bearish wave through 2027.

In the next two years, 2028 and 2029, the market may remain highly consolidated but sustain levels above $3. Meanwhile, the bulls may attempt to raise the price beyond bearish influence but may constantly face rejection. However, by the end of 2030, the price may trade close to $0.5 and substantiate a firm upswing ahead.

Year Phoenix Global Price Forecast
2023 $1.5 to $1.8
2024 $2.2 to $2.5
2025 $2.54 to $3.1

Should you invest in Phoenix Global in 2023? 

Phoenix Global has been under acute bearish pressure and undergoing significant price compression. With a slight change in market sentiments, the price has been able to soar, manifesting bullish possibilities. Hence is believed to thrive in the coming days if bulls maintain their dominance. But, before investing, it is very important to have a detailed study of the fundamentals and roadmap of the project. Along with this a deep observation of the price movements is also imperative. 


What will Phoenix Global be worth in 2023?

Phoenix Global's price is believed to slash the additional zero in its price and trade at $0.15 to $0.18 by the end of 2023

What will be the price of 1 Phoenix Global in 2030?

Although the possibility of 1 Phoenix Global hitting $1 can be assumed, in reality, the levels may be restricted to around $0.5.

Will Phoenix Global ever hit $10?

Phoenix Global has the potential to leap far and attract strong hands with a notable upswing. But to reach $10, it could take more time than required, perhaps beyond 2030.

Is Phoenix Global a safe investment?

Phoenix Global does not appear to have forecast its potential as of now, as it began to trade when the crypto market was in the middle of a bear market. However, with a deep knowledge of fundamentals and observing the price patterns, investing in the token could be profitable.

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