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Lido DAO Price Prediction: Will the Bulls Rise the Price Above $5 This Year?

Lido DAO Price Prediction: Will the Bulls Rise the Price Above $5 This Year?

Key Takeaways:

  • The Lido DAO price closed the previous day’s trade at $2.13 with a market capitalization of $697.04 million and a circulating supply of 312.95 million
  • The LDO price appears to be at a foothill of a major explosion as the asset has accomplished with a significant bullish pattern, aiming to spike by nearly 40%

What is Lido DAO(LDO)? 

Lido DAO is a liquid staking solution for ETH 2.0 that allows the assets to be liquified and used for other protocols. Unlike most of the other liquid staking platforms, Lido is a decentralized platform which offers a high annual percentage rate (APR) of 4.8%, 8.1% & 6.6% for Ethereum, Terra & Solana resp.

The native token of the platform is LDO which being a governance token, empowers the goal of being a trustless staking service. The decisions in the Lido community are based on LDO as it offers decentralized ownership & decision-making.

Lido DAO Token Price Analysis for August 2022

Current Price $2.2
Market Cap $687.79 million
Circulating Supply 312.95 million LDO
Max Supply 1 billion LDO
Vol (24H) $154.95 million
Change(24h) +4%
Change (7D) -11.2%
Change (30D) +49%

Lido DAO Token(LDO) Prediction August  2022

Lido DAO has been incremental since the beginning of August and by the end of the month, the price may trade around $2.3 to $2.4.

Lido DAO Token(LDO) Prediction Sept 2022

The asset displays the possibility of a pullback in September and hence may trade between $2.1 to $2.25

Lido DAO Token(LDO) Prediction Oct 2022

If the bearish trend continues, the price may hit $1.67 too, else a rebound may assist the price to beyond $2.3, close to $2.5 by the end of the month

Lido DAO Token(LDO) Prediction November 2022

The token is expected to hold $2 firmly throughout November and by the end may raise high beyond $2.5 and try to secure levels around $2.7 or $2.75.

Will Lido DAO Token Price Reach $3.2 by December 2022?

As the yearly close approaches, the volatility may be increased which may push the price close to its immediate resistance. By the end of the yearly trade, the LDO price could hover above $3, around $3.2 to $3.3.

Will Lido DAO Token Price Reach $5 by December 2023?

After the consolidated year 2022, 2023 is expected to be pretty thriving. Therefore, the price may kickstart and maintain a notable upswing since the beginning of 2023. The LDO price may start the yearly trade above $3.2 to $3.3 and could reach the levels around $4.7 to $5 by the end of the year. In case of bearish pressure, the price may be restricted below $4.58, else with an extended bullish chase, the yearly highs may escalate beyond $5.3.

Will Lido DAO Token Price Reach $7 by December 2024?

The bullish momentum is expected to continue in 2024 after the thriving year 2023. The price may reach $6 during H1 of 2023 and woefully may experience a pullback ahead. Withstanding the bearish pressure, the price is expected to rebound quickly, regain the $6 mark and propel high to hit $6.8 by the end of 2023. In an extended bull run, the price may even reach beyond $7 to hit $7.56.

Will Lido DAO Token Price Reach $10.5 by December 2025?

The Lido price in 2025 is expected to display a huge bull run and achieve a double-digit figure. Beginning the yearly trade above $7, the price is expected to leave no room for the bears to slash the price. By the end of H1 2025, the price may range from $8.3 to $8.5. Further by the end of the yearly trade 2025, the LDO price may reach beyond $10, recording highs around $10.4.

Lido DAO Token(LDO) Price Comparison Table (2017-2022)

Year End of Year Price % Change
2017 NA NA
2018 NA NA
2019 NA NA
2020 NA NA
2021 $3.1 +43.22%
2022 $2.22* -28.57%*

*at the press time

Lido DAO (LDO) Price Technical Analysis

Lido DAO

Source: Tradingview

  • The Lido DAO price is trending within a minute ascending triangle and utilizing all its resources to reach the peak of the consolidation
  • Further the asset may enter the upper resistance zone and after a brief consolidation, may slice through these levels and hit $2.5 
  • Minor possibility of a pullback may be expected, but the asset could somehow make it to the $2.7 resistance area by the end of Q3. 

Lido DAO (LDO) Price Comparison with Optimism(OP)

Lido DAO

Source: Tradingview

  • The Lido DAO & optimism are the two assets which are expected to be heavily impacted after the upcoming Ethereum Merge
  • Since the announcement of the Merge date, the activity on both of the platforms has intensified leading to a significant surge with LDO & OP prices
  • However, LDO price is displaying some strength comparatively as despite dropping from highs at +460%, the asset is trading at +317.73%
  • On the other hand, OP price is also not too far as after reaching the highs at +324.5%, the asset is currently trading at +134.1%

Lido DAO (LDO) Price Comparison with BTC (Correlation) 

Lido DAO Price

Source: Tradingview

  • Lido DAO token price remain incremental with both the trading pairs, USDT & BTC ever since the rally kicked off in July-mid
  • Both the trading pairs displayed equal strength and sipke high and also experienced a similar pullback
  • While the LDO/USDT pair dropped from +440% to +317.48%, LDO/BTC also ranged above +370% and currently trading at +299.88%
  • Both the pairs are consolidating within a narrow range but heading towards the north slowly yet steadily


  • Ahead of the Ethereum Merge, Ethereum Whales are now constantly accumulating LDO which has flipped SHIB token to become the biggest token held by the Whales
  • Lido DAO community recently voted in support of a proposal of selling 10 million treasury tokens to a Venture Capital Firm DragonFly Capital

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