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JasmyCoin Price Prediction: JASMY Price Initiates a Rebound, Will it Make it to $0.018 this Month?

JasmyCoin Price Prediction: JASMY Price Initiates a Rebound, Will it Make it to $0.018 this Month?

Key Takeaways

  • The JASMY Coin closed the previous day’s trade at $0.01153 with a market capitalization of $53.68 million and a circulating supply of 4.75 billion JASMY
  • JasmyCoin appears to have plateaued since May 2022 crash and is attempting to break above the stagnant trend with an induced bullish momentum
  • This prime target of the JASMY price, this monthly could be to settle above $0.015 and in an extended bullish case may rise beyond $0.02

JasmyCoin Price Analysis for August 2022

Current Price $0.01195
Market Cap $56.79 million
Circulating Supply 4.75 billion
Total Supply 50 billion
Vol (24H) $282.63 million
Change(7D) +20.7%
Change (30D) +31%

Will JASMY Price Reach $0.015 This Week?

The JasmyCoin price was stuck within a stagnant trend, swinging within a narrow range. The bears maintained their supremacy for an extended period. However, the asset has been incremental since the beginning of August, inducing significant bullish momentum within. With a bullish start, the price may remain inclined throughout the week reaching immediate highs.

Currently, the trend is approaching the mid-week trade and while the trend is incremental, the asset could surge until the weekend. The price is displaying a slight rise in volatility which may intensify as the trend approaches the weekend. Hence by the end of the week, the price could rise beyond $0.013 and reach $0.0135 or even reach $0.014.

Will JASMY Coin Price Reach $0.02 This Month?

JasmyCoin has remained heavily consolidated for the past couple of months, maintaining a trend within narrow regions. However, since the beginning of the present month, the bulls regained their strength and uplifted the price, mounting significant buying pressure. Currently, the probability of a bearish reversal or a steep correction appears pretty less, while a continued upswing may prevail. 

The bulls, at the moment, appear to be well in position, defending the resistance achieved and compelling the bears to remain off-shore. While they jump in regular intervals but fail to change the ascending trend of the asset. Therefore, by the next fortnight, the JASMY price could rise slowly yet steadily and hence achieve levels above $0.18 or $0.19 by the month’s end that could be extended to $0.02 too.

JasmyCoin Price Prediction: JASMY Price Trend Comparison with Vechain(VET)

Source: Tradingview

  • JasmyCoin along with Vechain are the popular Internet-of-Things platforms within the crypto space
  • VET price maintained a significant upswing in the past couple of days which has outperformed the JASMY price rally
  • The VET price after swinging around the average ranges for a pretty long time exploded and raised by more than 30% and currently trading around +25.84%
  • Meanwhile, the JASMY coin price which fell from +16%, dropped to -16% and currently raised high to reach +20.76%

JasmyCoin Price Prediction: JASMY Price Trend Comparison with BTC

Source: Tradingview

  • The chart pattern suggests, both the asset have maintained a similar trend from the beginning, while the USDT pair maintained some strength 
  • However, the beginning of the present monthly trade turned out to be pretty explosive as the price rise rose significantly high
  • While JASMY/USDT rebounded from the lows at the bottom raised high and presently trading at +21.34%, JASMYBTC just surpassed the average levels to trade at +8.51%
  • Both the trading pairs appear petty bullish and heading strongly towards the north, displaying huge potential to maintain a firm upswing

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JasmyCoin Technical Analysis for August 2022

Source: Tradingview

  • The JASMY coin price after a huge drop has been consolidating within the FIB 0 & FIB 0.236 for a pretty long time
  • Surpassing the 0.236 FIB levels at $0.017 is extremely important to maintain a considerable upswing beyond $0.02
  • However, reaching these levels appears to be a tedious job presently as the bulls appear to have exhausted a bit
  • Therefore, the asset may reach these levels slowly and steadily without undergoing a steep price action.

JasmyCoin(JASMY) Technical Analysis at a Glance

JasmyCoin has dropped heavily by more than 90% since the beginning of the yearly trade, undergoing unsuccessful attempts of a rebound. However, the asset appears to have trying hard to raise high since the past weekend, but the buying pressure has mounted that may enable the price to maintain a firm upswing ahead.

Short Term The JASMY coin price has risen significantly high and hence the possibility of a minor pullback emerges for the asset
Mid-Term The price has just reached the highs of the current cycle and hence it may fall into a parallel consolidation ahead without plunging towards immediate support
Long-Term In the long-term, JASMY price remains extremely bullish as the asset has reached the bottoms and is primed for a notable rebound

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Is the JasmyCoin price going up or down this month?

JasmyCoin appears to have broken out from the bearish-consolidated trend and hence a notable upswing may make its way out ahead this month.

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