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BitTorrent Price Prediction: Will BTTC Price Reach $0.0000015 in September 2022

Key Takeaways:

  • The BitTorrent (BTTC) price closed the previous day’s trade at $0.00000089 with a market capitalization of $839.23 million and a circulating supply of 990.00 billion BTT
  • The BTTC price is attempting very hard to break out of the narrow consolidation and is expected to rise by nearly 15% in the coming days

BitTorrent (BTTC) Price & Technical ANALYSIS 

Current Price $0.0000008912
BTTC Price Prediction for Today $0.0000009200
Volatility  5.49%
50-Day SMA $0.0000009366
14 Day RSI 46.85
Sentiment Bearish
Fear and Greed Index 25(Extreme Fear)
Green Days 12/30 (40%)
200-Day SMA $0.0000001357

BitTorrent BTTC Technical Analysis for September 2-22

The BitTorrent price is trading below one of the pivotal resistance at $0.00000104 at around $0.00000089. The asset from the past couple of days is attempting to slice through the upper resistance to discard the bearish narrative. However, the asset is a stiff hindrance from the bears as the price is struggling to surge beyond $0.00000090 at the press time. 

Fortunately, the BTTC price recorded a bullish close for August amidst the strong bearish action. Therefore, the asset is expected to continue rising high in the coming days, while the bearish action may be faced and invalidated very often. By the end of September, the prices are expected to climb beyond $0.00000113 or in case of extreme bearish pressure, BTTC price may trade at $0.00000105

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BitTorrent Technical Analysis at a Glance

Soon after BTTC was replaced by BTT after a migration, the BTTC price dropped heavily by more than 70%, marking the lows around $0.00000073. Since then the price is attempting very hard to stabilize a notable upswing that was also challenged by the bears recently.

 However, the asset which constantly rebounded from the lower support displays the possibility of a notable upswing in the coming days.

Short-Term The price is facing an equal buying & selling pressure, and hence may flow depending on the induced volume ahead
Mid-Term The bearish trend is expected to be flipped soon as the selling pressure has eased to a large extent
Long-Term The BTTC price is cemented along the lower support and fail to attract liquidity required to rise above the immediate resistance

BitTorrent BTTC Price Prediction September 2022

Will BTTC Price Reach $0.000001 Today?

The BitTorrent price has been trading between $0.00000087 & $0.00000090 since the beginning of the September trade. The buying volume is accumulated for a longer time, which is squeezed by the bears in no time. Considering the current price movements, the possibility of a bullish close is pretty less at the moment. 

On the other hand, the volume has dropped heavily since the early trading hours which has depleted the volatility to a large extent. Hence the price is expected to swing within the same range until the close of the day’s trade. 

Therefore, the maximum levels the asset could reach may be around $0.00000092 until the day’s close. 

Will BTTC Price Reach $0.0000015 by the End of the Month?

The crypto asset has been more or less stagnant for the last couple of days, recording a rise of 44%, but woefully has dropped 15% from the gained levels at the press time. Therefore, the price is expected to hover within the same levels for a long time until a notable bullish volume strikes the platform or the market sentiments turn bullish. 

However, amid the extreme bearish pressure, the asset was able to close the August trade on a bullish note and hence September is expected to be largely bullish. The BTTC price is trying hard to break out of the falling wedge. Further, a successful attempt may uplift the price beyond $0.000001 soon. 

Hence the BitTorrent price prediction by the end of September is between $0.00000125 & $0.0000013.

BitTorrent Price Prediction: Price Trend Comparison with Tron(TRX)

BTTC Price

Source: Tradingview

  • The BTTC price spike high during the first few days of August, but soon drained which was further fueled by the recent market correction
  • While, Tron(TRX) holds its roots from the same ecosystem maintained a consolidated trend throughout before the market dropped in the last week of August.
  • The BTTC price reached the highs around +8.43% and dropped to hit -10.51% and currently trading at -5.53%
  • On the other hand, the TRX price hovered around the average levels for long and dropped to -12.80% but quickly made it to -10.74% at the moment

BitTorrent Price Prediction: 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

In the past couple of years, the BitTorrent price has witnessed some volatile moves, which were largely towards the north. However, it is believed that the BTTC price does carry the potential to be among the top 10 cryptos in the market. While the constant price fluctuations have also termed the asset as pretty risky. 

Nevertheless, the BTTC price can still be considered for a long-time trade as the asset is expected to kill a couple of zeros in the upcoming years. 

Year BTTC Price Forecast
2022 $0.00000180 to $0.00000210
2023 $0.00000308 to $0.00000347
2024 $0.00000457 to $0.00000569
2025 $0.00000650 to $0.00000743

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BitTorrent News Today

  • BitTorrent recently launched BitTorrent File System which is the first decentralized file storage system with enhanced security & censorship

  • BitTorrent underwent a migration from BTT to BTTC, while the old coins still were in existence. In a recent update, nearly 60.2% of the old BTT tokens were swapped to new BTTC tokens. The older ones were completely destroyed and burnt. 

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