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Apecoin Price Prediction: Investors Overlook APE, What’s Incoming for the Crypto?


Key Takeaways: 

  • Apecoin price closed the previous day’s trade at $5.59 with a market capitalisation of $1.71 billion and a circulating supply of 306,875,000 APE 
  • The APE price is trying hard to carry out a parabolic recovery that may uplift the price by more than 33% in the coming days.

Apecoin (APE) PRICE & Technical Analysis

Current Price $5.49
APE Price Prediction for Today $4.78
Volatility  11.28%
50-Day SMA $5.83
14 Day RSI 56.01
Sentiment Neutral
Fear and Greed Index 34 (Extreme Fear)
Green Days 14/30 (47%)
200-Day SMA

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Apecoin Technical Analysis for the Month

The Apecoin price that dropped heavily in May, continues to hover within the lower support zone that it entered in June. The APE token attempted to break out from the upper resistance at $7.59 but resulted in a huge price drain of more than 40%. Presently, the APE price has recovered by nearly 25% from the September lows and is expected to maintain a firm uptrend until it reaches the local resistance above $7. 

The Apecoin price is trading below $5.5 presently but the trade set-up is largely bullish. The price in the short-term is rising high, breaking out from the bullish flags. With the latest breakout, the APE price may certainly rise close to $6 and face a slight pullback here. Therefore, maintaining a similar price action, the APE coin may reach the crucial resistance by the end of the month. 

Apecoin Technical Analysis at a Glance

Apecoin price has dropped heavily ever since the price reached highs close to $28. After slashing by nearly 90%, the APE price halted the bearish trend and reached immediate resistance but failed to reach close to a double-digit level. Presently, the price rebounded before testing the last point of defense and appears pretty bullish in the coming days.

Short-Term The APE price appears to have reached the peak of the current short-term cycle and hence may be due for a minor correction
Mid-Term The bears have hindered the rally, but the price is primed to raise high and reach the August highs shortly
Long-Term The Apecoin token is trading within the lower ranges and waiting for a bullish push required to propel high

Will APE Price Reach $6.5 Today?

The Apecoin price during the past weekend has manifested a significant upswing which was followed by a slightly extended consolidation. Currently, the token is consolidating notably after a spike of more than 13%. With the next leg up, the APE price is expected to slice through the immediate resistance at $6. 

The price in the past few hours is experiencing equal pressure from the bulls and bears, while the volume remains heavily drained. Therefore, the price until the end of the day’s trade is expected to trade at around $5.5. However, the volatility is expected to increase as the day’s close approaches which may uplift the price beyond $5.8 as the bears may restrict the APE price below $6.

Will APE Price Reach $10 by the End of the Month?

The APE token price may remain consolidated for a couple of days and display a huge price movement towards the north. The price in the past couple of days has raised high as an outcome of a bullish flag. Presently, the price is trying to break out from the current bullish flag by rebounding from the lows. 

In the upcoming days, the price may break out from the pattern and reach immediate highs at around $6.3. By the end of the week, the price may even rise above $7 in case the bulls gain immense strength. Continuing with the bullish trend, the Apecoin price prediction for September is between $8.2 to $8.9.

Apecoin Price Prediction: Price Trend Comparison with Flow(FLOW)


Source: Tradingview

  • Flow & Apecoin are the top 2 tokens within the NFT space with a market capitalization of $2.2 billion & $1.70 billion respectively
  • FLOW price received as sudden & huge influx of liquidity in August that induced huge strength within the asset while APE price maintained a descending trend
  • The FLOW/USDT price raised from the average levels to reach the highs at around +66.05% but lately dropped and trading at +15.67%
  • On the other hand, APE/USDT price maintained a depleted trend throughout August to reach the bottoms at -37.11% and rebounded in the past few days to reach the current levels at -18.65%

Apecoin Price Prediction: 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

Apecoin price since its inception has failed to hold it’s strength and has shed huge gains of-let. However, the asset seems to have ignited a firm rebound that may raise the price from the bearish captivity. Moving ahead, the market sentiments could change significantly which may maintain the bullish trend of the token in the longer time frame. Therefore, in the coming years, APE price is expected to stabilize and maintain a sustained trend towards the north. 

Year APE Price Forecast
2022 $7.9 to $9.3
2023 $18.45 to $25.78
2024 $38.33 to $47.56
2025 $55.67 to $70.22

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Apecoin News Today

  • The Apecoin DAO recently released full details on staking, according to which the platform will distribute APE to all Board Ape holders who stake their NFTs along with their APE token. 

  • The Apecoin ecosystem recently recommended a new election process for the DAO members according to which the election process will become a rolling election where the election for council member’s seat is conducted every quarter. However, the proposal is due for voting.

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