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Anchor Protocol (ANC) Price Prediction: Will ANC Hit a Double-Digit Figure in 2022?

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Key Takeaways:

  • The ANC price closed the previous day’s trade at $4.35 with a market capitalization that just surpassed a billion for the first time in the last 6 months, and the circulating supply stands at 258, 285,820.16 ANC
  • Anchor Protocol has laid a strong bullish plot that may test the $5 levels initially and may continue ahead to test the ATH eventually.

Anchor Protocol Price Prediction: Will ANC Price Hit $20 in 2022?

Anchor Protocol experienced notable bullish inception where the price surged more than $8 in the few days of the trade. Further, it lost huge value, and hence to prevent further drain, the asset maintained a healthy accumulation now and then. This prevented the ANC price to plunge below $1 marking its lower levels above $1. Currently, the price after flipping from the lows has maintained a significant upturn which may provide substantial support for the rally. 

The ANC price appears to have utilized all its strength on maintaining a steady rally and hence a possibility of a minor pullback may be expected. However, amid the changing market trend from bearish to bullish ANC price could maintain the current pace until it hits the ATH close to $9. Further, a double-digit price may not be pretty much distant. 

Yet if the bears outpower the bulls and take back the control, then a slight pullback towards $5 may be quite possible. However, a quick rebound from here may elevate the support levels from $1.2 to $4.4 or $5.2. And since then a drop beyond these levels may not be expected thorough out the rally, eliminating extreme sell-offs and slashes. The ANC price with the current pace may hover in between $7.5 to $8.5 levels, while an extended bull run may uplift the targets beyond $12. On the contrary, if the bears drag the market down, the support levels at $5 may be strongly held. 

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Anchor ProtocolPrice Analysis: How High Will ANC Crypto Price Go in 2022?

The ANC price after swinging within a stagnant parallel channel throughout the second half of 2021, plunged massively. The asset lost more than 70% of its value to mark the All-Time Low around $1.19. Hereafter consolidating for some while, the price rose more than 250% through February and currently nullified the bearish trend. However, considering the technicals a slight pullback may make its way out but it may be a short-lived one. 

As predicted by many, the market sentiments are primed to be changed soon, somewhere in mid Q2. A notable uptrend may ignite the Altseason 2022 then which could uplift the price above the current trend. And hence ANC price may test and clear $5 levels then which may head forward to attain a double-digit by mid-2022. 

Further, the Q3 is expected to be consolidated as the buyers may get exhausted a little. Therefore, the asset may continue trading within range-bound which may also include some minor spikes. However the Q4 currently appears a little skeptical as both the possibilities of going parabolic or swinging within narrow range surfaces. Eventually, to end the yearly trade, the ANC price may hover in between $8.5 to $11 with strong support levels at $5.

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Anchor Protocol Price Analysis: ANCPrice Table (Last 30 Days) 

Date All-Time High All-Time Low Market Capitalization
02 March 2022 $4.36 $3.69 $1.08B
01 March 2022 $3.94 $3.34 $934.93M
28 February 2022 $3.74 $4.32 $924.05M
27 February 2022 $3.85 $3.49 $974.72M
26 February 2022 $3.99 $3.59 $988.7M
25 February 2022 $3.77 $3.25 $886.9M
24 February 2022 $3.33 $2.63 $761.8M
23 February 2022 $3.10 $2.75 $719.5M
22 February 2022 $3.00 $2.34 $674.5M
21 February 2022 $2.51 $2.17 $632.48M
20 February 2022 $2.56 $2.13 $558.5M
19 February 2022 $2.75 $2.24 $668.07M
18 February 2022 $2.34 $1.94 $525.95M
17 February 2022 $2.16 $1.93 $512.16M
16 February 2022 $2.18 $2.05 $525.41M
15 February 2022 $2.44 $2.12 $565.11M
14 February 2022 $2.18 $1.85 $533.15M
13 February 2022 $2.09 $1.67 $525.72M
12 February 2022 $1.69 $1.58 $365.68M
11 February 2022 $2.02 $1.66 $405.74M
10 February 2022 $2.01 $1.74 $415.94M
09 February 2022 $2.03 $1.59 $380.85M
08 February 2022 $1.70 $1.48 $345.6M
07 February 2022 $1.60 $1.40 $333.85M
06 February 2022 $1.44 $1.403 $312.04M
05 February 2022 $1.49 $1.40 $314.55M
04 February 2022 $1.42 $1.32 $309.56M
03 February 2022 $1.37 $1.30 $290.7M
02 February 2022 $1.56 $1.35 $327.23M
01 February 2022 $1.58 $1.52 $338.4M
31 January 2022 $1.55 $1.45 $316.84M

Anchor Protocol Price Prediction: ANC Price Trend Comparison with Terra(LUNA) (Last 30 Days)

LUNA and ANC both are developed and deployed by the Terraform Labs on the Terra blockchain. While LUNA is the native cryptocurrency of the Terra platform, ANC is the saving protocol that offers a low-vitality yield, below 20% which is the highest among the stablecoins. Since its launch in March 2021, ANC became the largest dApp on Terra with more than $8 billion cryptos deposited.

Source: Tradingview

Terra(LUNA) when considering the price trend remained within the reach of ANC since the beginning of 2022. However, the multiple pullbacks dragged both the assets, but LUNA price managed the trembled situation much before ANC. And hence a notable flip was ignited earlier and hence despite a pullback, the price trend remained above that of ANC. 

However, the trend was flipped recently, when the ANC price rebounded from the lows firmly and utilized all strength to spike high. The ANC price flipped the LUNA price during the last few days of February and since the beginning of March, it is showcasing a monstrous rally. Currently, ANC price is 20.45% above the average levels whereas LUNA price is 6.11% below. 

Correlation of ANC/USDT and ANC/BTC (Last 30 Days)

Source: Tradingview

The ANC price with both the trading pairs maintained a similar trend since the beginning of 2022. The price variations also resembled a lot but the BTC pair maintained a notable upper hand over the USDT pair. However, with the recent jump, the ANC/USDT pair rose high diminishing the distance between both the pairs. At the press time, the ANC/USDT price is 40.57% above the average levels, whereas ANC/BTC price is 54.17% above. 

Anchor ProtocolPrice Prediction 2022: Latest ANC coin News in February 2022

Anchor Protocol Receives $450 million from Terra 

The Anchor protocol received a cash injection of $450 million from Luna Foundation Gaurd to keep up its 20% interest over the next year. 

Source: Twitter

Probable Worm-Hole Expoit Nullified on Anchor Protocol

The Wormhole network was down during the first few days of February wherein they suspected a possible exploit. Therefore the Ethereum-based bETH AnchorVault was disabled for some time. However, the Anchor platform investigated the issue and marked all the funds as safe. 

Source: Twitter

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