Crypto Spotlight: Feature 10 – With Ashish Gautam

Ashish Gautam


  1. Ashish Gautam through his platform Money Guru Digital teaches how to earn money by trading in cryptocurrency.
  2. The Indian community should collectively try to expose fake crypto projects and scam exchanges.
  3. The main challenge of Indian crypto ecosystem is the absence of a regulatory framework in India.

We are back with the tenth feature of the #CryptoSpotlight interview series. In our last feature, we had Er. R. Vinothkumar who shared his thoughts on why the community should focus more on producing crypto educational content in mainstream Indian languages.

And, today’s guest of honor is Ashish Gautam who through his YouTube channel Money Guru Digital is teaching the community how they can earn money by trading in cryptocurrency without falling prey for fake crypto projects. So, let’s begin and find out about Ashish’s journey and know what’s his take on the current scenario of the crypto ecosystem in India.

1) Hello Ashish! Can you tell our readers what your brand/company is about and how it is helping the Indian crypto ecosystem? 

Ashish – I am a SEBI certified Investment Adviser with more than 8-year trading experience in the stock market and crypto. My YouTube Channel is one of the top crypto channels in India and our main focus is to teach how new users can earn via crypto trading and take this opportunity as a career. We are trying to make new crypto users aware of fake crypto projects, scam exchanges by exposing them and this is how we are trying to help our crypto community.

2) What is your crypto story? How did you first start and what motivated you to become a community voice?

Ashish – In 2014-2015, I was working as a Senior Business Analyst in a stock market firm. During those days, I was searching for some part-time earning opportunity and then I got to know about Bitcoin from one of my friends. He called me in his office and I went to meet him. I saw him mining Bitcoin. So, I asked him what Bitcoin is and how does it work? He explained everything but I was confused and thought that he was mad. How mining can be done via computers, it can’t be real but he gave me all proofs on how he is making bitcoin via mining.

At that time Bitcoin price was around $200. I went home and forgot about Bitcoin. After 3 months, he again called me and said Bitcoin is 2X now. Buy asap as it will go up more. I bought my first 2 bitcoins from him at the price of $320 and stored them in a blockchain wallet. This is how I bought my first bitcoin.

One day one of my colleagues came to me and told me about the Technical Guruji YouTube channel. He said, the YouTuber is doing a giveaway in his channel and why don’t you join? I saw his channel and got an idea to start my own channel in the name of Money Guru. So, I created my Youtube channel on 19 Oct 2016, a day before my birthday and that is how my journey started.

My main focus was to educate people about the online money-making opportunity and I found Crypto to be the best one. But there are also many scammers who are misguiding innocent people in the name of fake cryptocurrency projects and crypto MLM plans. Hence, I became a community voice and exposed many scams projects like LCC, Bitconnect, Kodak ICO, Apple Coin, Kakushin, MTC Coin, Trade Tex, Victorium ICO, Cloud Token, and many more.

3) What are the changes you have seen from the day you became a community voice until now?

Ashish – When I started my journey in crypto, most people didn’t know about the real projects. They were just putting their money after watching videos from any crypto YouTuber. Everyone thought all coins will go like Bitcoin and that’s why people lost their huge money but now everything has changed. People are aware of how to do their own research before investing in any projects.

4) Tell us how are you bringing about the crypto revolution in India.

Ashish – I am also a SEBI certified investment adviser and a full-time trader. I am trying to teach people how they can make money by trading in cryptocurrency.

I have my own technical analysis course by which people can learn about trading charts and they can apply it on their trades. This will help them become a good trader. I am running my own premium channel where I am giving trade signals so that people can trade without knowing the technical knowledge about any coin.

You can also check out my free Telegram channel for free trading signals. I will advise everyone to be a part of this crypto revolution. We are all early adopters and it’s upon you to educate your friends & family about this crypto ecosystem.

5) What are the current challenges you feel the Indian crypto ecosystem has and what do you think is the resolution for this?

Ashish – The absence of a regulatory framework in India is the main challenge and that is why adoption is low. However, people need to understand that lack of laws or regulatory frameworks does not make anything illegal. It can be said that it is “not illegal” in India. Regulation is the main solution for this and it is going to happen one day till then we have to do our best to raise our voice for regulation so that our government can take some action about the regulatory framework in India.

6) If you get the chance to meet Mr. Modi, what will you tell/suggest to him about the Indian crypto industry?

Ashish – If I get a chance to meet Mr.Modi definitely I will advise him to adopt the crypto revolution in India because we have a big market potential to grow the crypto industry. Other countries are taking advantage of adopting blockchain and why should we follow them if we have the potential to lead the world.

7) What changes do you think crypto will bring in India in the next 5,10 years?

Ashish – I am expecting a big change in crypto as institutional money enters the market. The market capitalization of cryptocurrencies could explode over the next 5-10 years, rising to $5-10 trillion easily. A huge adoption and real-life use case of Blockchain will be seen in the coming years.

“Blockchain today may be compared to what the Internet was in the early 1990s. We have witnessed how the ‘Internet of Information’ has changed our society over the past two decades. We are now entering a phase where Blockchain may do the same by ushering in a new paradigm comprising the ‘Internet of Trust’ and ‘Internet of Value’.”

8) Your views on #TryCrypto and how we can strengthen crypto adoption in India?

Ashish – #TryCrypto is really a great initiative by CoinDCX. I support this initiative because India needs this crypto revolution so that people can change their life just like I changed mine. We need more crypto adoption in India and it’s not possible by a single person alone. We have to be united and work for mass adoption of crypto and this is how we can strengthen the crypto adoption in India.

Thank you, Ashish, for sharing such wonderful insights with our readers. We hope to see you back on ‘Crypto Spotlight’ soon.

Stay tuned with us as we will be publishing the next feature of the series very soon. The feature will have another eminent community voice who will share their views and would enlighten us further on the future prospects of the Indian crypto ecosystem.

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