Crypto Spotlight: Feature 1 – With Naimish Sanghvi

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  • We now have a sophisticated and large community with ample knowledge on cryptocurrencies.
  • Indian Crypto ecosystem doesn’t need education, it needs representation.
  • The government needs to incentivize youngsters to work for themselves

The Indian crypto ecosystem has been witnessing humongous growth. Conversations with a positive outlook are happening all around on how the crypto industry can contribute in making India an economy of $5 Trillion. One of the major reasons behind this is the unwavering support of the Indian crypto community in strengthening the ecosystem. There are many community voices who are actively contributing in their respective ways to make the Indian crypto ecosystem bigger than ever. 

Presenting ‘Crypto Spotlight’ – An interview series where we bring these voices exclusively to you. They will share the experience about their journey, thoughts on the current scenario of crypto in India, and its future potential. We are extremely excited to roll out the series with our first guest Naimish Sanghvi, founder of Coin Crunch India who is on a mission to spread the truth about crypto and clear all the biased opinions that one has due to lack of right information. So, let’s begin.

Hello Naimish! Can you tell our readers on what your brand/company is about and how it is helping the Indian crypto ecosystem?

We are one of the trusted cryptocurrency and blockchain news platform in India

What is your crypto story? How did you first start and what motivated you to become a community voice?

When I first heard about Deloitte (my former employer) researching Blockchain, I decided to look it up too. After talking to random people about bitcoin, and creating an account on a couple of exchanges, I started to look for proper resources and could not find one. So I decided to learn and educate others myself. I started writing about crypto, security, keeping funds safe on FinallyJobless.com – My personal blog, which hit 1 lakh views a day for one week consecutively. Eventually, I thought of creating a media platform dedicated to Crypto and that’s how Coin Crunch India was born.

What are the changes you have seen from the day you became a community voice until now?

In terms of learnings, we now have a sophisticated and large community with ample knowledge on cryptocurrencies so the newbies coming in are in good hands. However, as it is with all industries, the FOMO will kick in and bring uncontrollable scams to the industry and we can only hope that history does not repeat, but alas, the present almost always rhymes with the past. 

Tell us how are you bringing about the crypto revolution in India.

Aside from serving the right information, I am also working with partners who can bring crypto trading experience at an interpersonal level rather than an Exchange – user relationship. Basically distribution of exchanges, not decentralization. The vision is that everyone can open a crypto exchange to be able to serve a small community around them.

What are the current challenges you feel the Indian crypto ecosystem has and what do you think is the resolution for this?

Indian Crypto ecosystem doesn’t need education, it needs representation. While almost everyone seems to be running after educating users, people, politicians, it hardly creates an impact. The better way is to simply run huge ads of Bitcoin so people start talking about it and then run education for those. In terms of representation, we have no celebrity or politician talking in favor of crypto openly. Why is that? We should think on those lines? For once, F**K Diplomacy and get out there to shout!

If you get the chance to meet Mr.Modi, what will you tell/suggest to him about the Indian crypto industry?

I will talk about the Indian Data Dollar Concept by Sunil Aggarwal which promises UBI, uplifting the economy, and fighting future diplomatic and economic threats. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaD2mb_z5q0 

What changes do you think crypto will bring in India in the next 5,10 years?

With the current situation in mind. We will see the changes that developed countries will see in the next 2 years. while our community will be writing code for blockchain companies and getting paid peanuts for it. The government needs to incentivize youngsters to work for themselves, but they are busy pleasing corporations broadcasting large numbers and I don’t see it changing. 

Your views on #TryCrypto and how we can strengthen crypto adoption in India?

#TryCrypto is not aggressive enough. For adoption, I have the same answer as above on the Indian crypto ecosystem.

Thank you Naimish for sharing such wonderful insights with our readers. We hope to see you back on ‘Crypto Spotlight’ soon.

We will be publishing the second feature of the series very soon where another prominent community voice will share the views and it will be interesting to know how they are doing their bit. Stay tuned with us and follow our blog to know about the new token listings, product features, partnerships, trading competitions, and all other announcements.

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