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7 Ways to Make Money in the Metaverse (Updated 2022)


The world is in for yet another revolution – the wide adoption of a phenomenon in an alternate reality. ‘Metaverse’ is the new form of the virtual world that is being facilitated by the advancement of powerful assets like the internet, virtual reality, and blockchain. It promises great potential for monetization and infinite growth opportunities. Thus, the craze of stakeholders, big and small, in grabbing a chunk of this marvel comes as a common reaction. And if you never thought about your science fiction fantasies coming to light someday, the metaverse is here to prove you wrong. 

The metaverse is being actively evaluated by investors today. For a better perspective, a whopping $400 million had been labeled against non-fungible tokens (metaverse’s tokens) back in 2021. If you are inclined towards generating your share of real-world benefits through metaverse, your time is now. You do not have to be intimidated by the complexity of this space. It is simple with these 7 ways that you can use to make your share of money in the metaverse.

Play Online Games

Who would have thought that playing games could earn you good returns? This is your chance to enjoy the thrill of gaming while deriving potential profit. There are several games like VR poker, e-sport betting, and more that you can choose to play. Casinos too let you play poker and virtual blackjack. Play-to-earn games are expected to become even more popular with time. You can use your crypto wallet to create your metaverse gaming accounts and get started.

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Trade Metaverse Tokens

A relatively safer way to generate returns, you can go on to trade metaverse tokens. All you have to do is buy a smaller value token associated with the metaverse of your preference. If you wish for a piece of Decentraland metaverse, then you can get the token called manna. For the metaverse called Sandbox, you must get the token called sand. It lets you enjoy the returns on your metaverse without investing as much or taking too much of a risk. Check out CoinDCX to know all the metaverse tokens that you can add to your portfolio. 

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Undertake 3D Designing of VR Accessories

Professionals or amateurs in the 3D design space can use their skills to generate revenue through the metaverse space. Metaverse gameplayers are passionate about their avatars sporting the best accessories. These include catchy outfits, gear, weapons, and more. These accessories are high in demand and be created to sell on the marketplace. 

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Bag Freelance Metaverse Gigs

The metaverse is expected to run big with its own economy and in turn, have a huge requirement for jobs. The virtual space will begin to host museum tours and art gallery shows. This is where the service of a tour guide comes in. As skilled service providers, guides can contribute by showing around visitors the space effectively through their expertise. Additionally, the space may require gamers, tour planners, and more to contribute to the budding economy. 

Create a Business

A perfect spot for aspiring entrepreneurs, the metaverse promises more than the real world. You can kickstart any kind of business venture over this virtual space. Whether it is a fashion label, sports company, or entertainment agency, the metaverse is very welcoming. It is a good way to explore your business instincts and author your creation in this alternate reality. 

Conduct Metaverse Concerts 

As it gets popular by the day, more and more artists are adopting the metaverse to organize gigs. Real artists can take their careers to greater heights by performing live in the virtual space while charging users a premium or ticket to attend. The Sandbox is a leading platform that hosts virtual concerts and has attracted the likes of big names such as Warner Music. This form of making money in the metaverse is bound to grow as more renowned artists take on the virtual stage. 

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Trade in Metaverse Land Parcels

Metaverse offers land parcels that you can use to trade. The virtual real estate option has become extremely popular with mighty companies like JP Morgan making movement in the area. A land parcel can be purchased for the given price to capitalize and sell for greater returns. However, this space is best to be explored by investors who are ready to go in relentlessly as the risk level is relatively higher. If you have a high-risk appetite, trading land parcels can be a good investment opportunity. 

The advent of the metaverse has restructured the way investors are exploring prospects to derive profit. It is a space that is always bound to keep you interested. Stay tuned for the latest news on crypto trends with the CoinDCX Blog. Download the CoinDCX App to take off on your journey towards safe and simple crypto investing. 

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