DCX Roundup 1.1 – News and updates from CoinDCX and DCXInsta

This past week our team published valuable content with deep insights on different cryptocurrencies. Check them out here and here! It has been an eventful week and we have many updates to share with you! Let’s begin.

Launch of open INR orderbook

This week we launched our open INR orderbook! It has been a major milestone for us and you.

There are many Indian exchanges with INR orderbooks, but time and again you complained of low liquidity, huge price difference from global markets and reliability. So we decided to launch and open INR orderbook to solve these problems and facilitate trade for thousands of Indian cryptocurrency traders.

Hope you are enjoying trading in the BTC/INR market. We are open to suggestions for new tokens for the INR market. Let us know which tokens would you like to trade in, here.

Revamped Mobile Website

Did you get a chance to check out out our Mobile Website?

We are constantly striving to improve your trading experience on CoinDCX. We noticed that most of you are trading on your mobile phones and our android app is still under development.

To give you a better experience our design and development team brainstormed and came up with a revamped mobile website that facilitates buying/ selling and checking portfolio with minimum navigation.

Again, tell us if you love it or hate it. We can’t wait to hear from you. Your opinion matters. Make it count.

UX updates on our desktop website

  • On our desktop website we have improved the coin dropdown, its bigger and helps in picking a coin of your choice faster.
  • We have also improved our portfolio section, now you can see locked units and available units for trade. Check out this feature, it’s pretty helpful when you are trading and wish to check the quantity of tokens in open orders.
  • In your portfolio, now you can see a total of the INR wallet in addition to other crypto assets in your portfolio.

Faster KYC

With increased sign ups, we promised to process your KYCs faster and we did it.

Love CoinDCX? Show some love and refer your friends to CoinDCX. We keep coming up with exciting sign up and referral offers.

Click here to know the latest one.

Stay tuned for more weekly reports and updates, brought to you by CoinDCX.

We are available for queries and further questions, reach out to us on our official channels and follow us for latest updates.

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