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Top Crypto News today: Tata Tea Hosts A Holi Party On Metaverse

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In today’s crypto news, crypto enthusiasts purchased all 54,995 pieces of the Disney Pixar Pals non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, within 24 hours of their launch on the digital collectibles marketplace Veve. Tata Tea Premium made its Metaverse debut on the platform by hosting a Holi party.

In today’s global crypto news, Parallel Finance, a Polkadot-based lending protocol, is attempting to become a one-stop solution for all aspects of decentralized finance (DeFi) with the launch of a DeFi Super App’ for the Polkadot Ecosystem.

Before heading to the news section, let’s have a quick glance at the latest crypto price trends. 


Crypto Prices Today 

Price Trend  Price for March 22, 2022  Percentage change 
The global cryptocurrency market cap  $1,940,753,151,075 5.13%
The total crypto market volume $100,147,042,575 22.7%
Bitcoin Price $43,021.26 5.24%
Ethereum Price  $3,028.49 6.40%

*All prices are latest by 11:00 AM, 22 March 2022.


Top Gainers and Losers Today

Top 3 Crypto Gainers  

Cryptocurrency  Price (Latest by March 22, 2022)  Change in % 
Dash (DASH) ₹10072.18 12.21%
Algorand (ALGO) ₹65.59 11.09%
Ethereum Classic (ETC) ₹3338.46 9.82%

*All prices are latest by 11:00 AM, 22 March 2022.

Top 3 Crypto Losers 

Cryptocurrency  Price (Latest by March 17,  2022)  Change in % 
Alpaca Finance (ALPACA) ₹36.72 3.65%
Synthetix Network (SNX) ₹394.81 2.48%
Terra (LUNA) ₹7255.29 1.50%

*All prices are latest by 11:00 AM, 22 March 2022.


Crypto News Global 


Parallel Finance Launches DeFi ‘Super App’ for Polkadot Crypto Ecosystem

With $500 million in TVL, the Polkadot-based lending protocol is striving for industry dominance. This attempt gained traction with the initial release of six DeFi-related products, ranging from wallets to staking, crowd loans to cross-chain bridges, an automated market maker, and yield farming.

The “super app” strategy is unusual in crypto, according to founder Yubo Ruan. Most DeFi companies choose to focus on a single flagship product, such as a bridge or a wallet, he added.

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Source: CoinDesk


Top Metaverse & NFT News today 


Tata Tea Makes Its Metaverse Debut With A Holi Party

By embracing the expanding potential of digital storytelling and personalization, the brand intended to provide unique consumer experiences. Customers picked their favorite avatars and participated in a variety of Holi games as they entered the platform. 

Sachet Tandon and Parampara Tandon, a composer and lyricist combo, delivered a festive performance at the gathering. The pair brought the charm of Lathmaar Holi in Uttar Pradesh and Rangwali Holi in Delhi to life.

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Source: e4m


54,995 Pixar NFTs Sold Out Within 24 Hours on Veve

Sheriff Woody, Mike Wazowski, Lightning McQueen, The House from Up, and Edna Mode were among the Pixar Animation Studios characters featured in the NFT collection drop. Users bought NFTs from a blind box, which means they got a random collectible as part of the series and didn’t know which one until after they finished the purchase.

Each Pixar NFT has a list price of 60 gems ($60). The NFT collection is believed to have sold for $3.3 million by multiplying the collection’s sale price and the reported gem price.

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Source: CoinTelegraph



New Coin Market Cap Circulating Supply
NEO (NEO) ₹125,759,293,849 70,538,831.00 NEO
Celer Network (CELR) ₹22,156,917,762 6.78B CELR
Monero (XMR) ₹267,166,669,544 18,096,194.65 XMR
Anchor Protocol (ANC) ₹52,827,405,493 266,225,987.97 ANC
Stacks (STX) ₹131,401,409,026 1.30B STX

*All prices are latest by 11:00 AM Feb 22, 2022.* 

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