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Recent surveys shows Millennials prefer Investing in Crypto over Traditional Investing


A recent report “How Millennials See Their Financial Future” reveals that 40% of survey participants have invested in crypto.

Investing firm ‘Alto’ recently conducted a survey in the U.S which revealed that millennials aged between 25 to 40 prefer crypto investing compared to traditional investments. The report strikingly revealed that a staggering percentage of millennials have invested in crypto compared to other investments. 

The report outlined that either these millennials have invested in crypto assets or they are considering crypto as an investment option. 

Another important highlight of the survey is that a large set of these individuals will likely add crypto to their retirement portfolio.

Though it is true that a large number of youngsters have been inclined towards crypto investments, ‘Eric Satz’, CEO of ‘Alto’ had a slightly different take. 

He commented, “In a world of conspicuous consumption, soaring living costs, and mounting student loan debt, millennials find it difficult to invest for the future because they are struggling to afford the present.”

Another survey aggregated that high-net-worth individuals have invested in crypto assets. According to the “World Wealth Report,” 71% of the participants have invested in assets such as crypto, NFTs (NFTs) and ETFs’. 

With the survey numbers above it is quite evident that the millennial generation is bullish on crypto assets. While these numbers were just a teaser for crypto assets adoption, Blockware Intelligence’s reports revealed that crypto has surpassed the adoption of smartphones, the internet and even social media. 

Source: Cointelegraph


Individuals who impulsively invest in crypto assets may end up making a loss. Just like traditional investing requires some research, investing in crypto too requires some analysis. To invest in a crypto asset it is essential for an investor to perform a fundamental analysis of the asset to get a fair metric of the price-to-earnings ratio of the crypto asset. 

In fundamental analysis, an individual needs to run through the history of the crypto asset, the team behind the crypto project, the technical whitepaper of the crypto asset and the overall performance of the asset in the market. In addition, if the project has made any technical advancements or have announced any major partnerships adds up to the valuation process of the crypto asset. 

While researching what’s on the outside of the crypto project, one essential analytics is often overlooked which is the on-chain metrics. The total supply of the asset, the circulating supply, the token holders, no of wallets on the chain, the average amount that the wallet holders possess, and the volume of transactions on the chain. The investors and advisors of the crypto project. An extensive analysis of the crypto project will help one understand if the project is undervalued or overvalued. 

To perform fundamental analysis read our detailed blog on: How to Analyze a Crypto Using Fundamental Analysis?   

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