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What is the NEAR protocol?

Near Protocol is a Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain project backed by a robust ecosystem of developer tools and cross-chain compatible code. Similar to Ethereum, it aims to serve as a platform for developers to build applications and NFTs. Near Protocol serves as a cost-effective and highly scalable alternative platform for these use cases. 

NEAR Ecosystem

Near ecosystem currently has 919 dApps building on it across DeFi, Infrastructure, NFTs and DAOs

How does NEAR Protocol work?

Near Protocol is a 3rd generation Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain carefully designed to overcome the limitations of 1st generation (Bitcoin) and 2nd generation (Ethereum) blockchains. Near Protocol uses a sharding solution called Nightshade to significantly improve scalability and reduce network congestion. With sharding, transactions are posted to sidechains, eliminating block verification conflicts and delays on the main chain. 

Founders: Illia Polosukhin, Erik Trautman and Alex Skidanov. 

Mainnet Launch: April 2020, and the NEAR token was launched five months later. 

Why Earn with NEAR Protocol?

Earn provides a simple way to build crypto wealth passively during all market conditions. CoinDCX launched an earn feature for NEAR that offers attractive 7% returns suitable for long term investors.
Near Protocol is a fundamentally strong token that has had immense growth in developer activity as it became one of the first blockchain to enable JavaScript SDK enabling access to a large untapped Web2 talent pool that is helping Near bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 and is ramping up enterprise adoption. 

Active accounts reached an all time high crossing 3 Million addresses with an equitable token distribution suggesting a good buying opportunity for long term investors.  

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(as on 2:30 pm 21st Nov)

Market Capitalization $1,273,389,405
24 Hour Trading Volume $172,300,081
Circulating Supply 828,988,111
Max Supply 1,000,000,000

NEAR does not have a fixed supply and uses both inflationary and deflationary mechanisms. There is a yearly fixed inflation rate of 5%, of which 90% is awarded to validators with the remaining 10% going to the protocol treasury. The NEAR treasury is controlled by the NEAR Foundation. At the end of Q3’22, the treasury had a balance of 10 million NEAR ($36 million). Of the total transaction fees, 70% are burned and the remaining 30% goes to the contract that the transaction came from.

Key Insights:

  • Developer Activity: NEAR has registered over 5,000 total unique contracts since genesis. NEAR prioritizes being a developer-friendly blockchain, and a blockchain’s smart contract programming languages plays a large role in its ability to attract application developers. In August, NEAR released a JavaScript SDK, allowing developers to build smart contracts on NEAR in one of the world’s most popular languages.
  • Total Value Locked: NEAR has 61.2 million NEAR tokens and a TVL of $119 million. The top project, Ref Finance, a DEX, accounts for 45% of the TVL.
  • Active Accounts: NEAR set an all-time-high of 3 million active accounts. Near’s user friendly and security features that allows for 2FA and secured access to user funds through Mobile and email OTP was an industry first as most wallets including Metamask still haven’t introduced this feature. The launch of dApps across DeFi, NFTs and Infrastructure also spurred interest such as the move-to-earn protocol Sweat Economy. Active addresses spiked 130% QoQ to set an all-time-high of 3 million. Concurrently, new addresses decreased 55% QoQ to 4.7 million and transactions decreased 35% QoQ to 40 million.
  • Decentralization and Staking Overview: NEAR has 483 million NEAR staked (+13% QoQ), equaling 60% of the circulating supply stake. NEAR had 118 validators with a Nakamoto Coefficient of nine. NEAR has increased the number of active validators every quarter, suggesting that the network is gradually decentralizing. The Nakamoto Coefficient of nine puts NEAR in-line with the industry average.
Metrics Q3 2021 Q4 2021 Q1 2022 Q2 2022 Q3 2022
Validator Count 62 72
Total NEAR Staked (Millions) 420.0 423.55

Why NEAR Protocol on Earn?

While including any new token on Earn, CoinDCX evaluates the potential of the token to generate risk adjusted passive returns. Only when rewards outweigh the risk, the token is included in Earn. 

Near Protocol indicators signal to be a promising Layer 1 blockchain in future with fundamentals reflecting good buying opportunities at current valuations for long term. CoinDCX is launching the Near on the Earn platform with an opportunity to make stable returns with astonishing 7% returns.

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