Forget P2P: Introducing DCXinsta 🇮🇳

Freedom to buy cryptocurrencies instantly

This Independence day CoinDCX will launch DCXinsta, a platform for buying 40+ cryptocurrencies at market prices in under 60 seconds. In 1947, India got freedom and in 2018, Indian crypto traders will get freedom from slow, inefficient and high risk P2P.

At CoinDCX, we understand that trading opportunities in a dynamic market are crucial and time dependent and we wish to fill this gap between you and trading opportunities through an efficient, secure and powerful platform - DCXinsta.

You read that right, as dramatic as it may sound, it is true!

It’s possible to buy 40+ cryptocurrencies with INR in less than 60 seconds. 🚀

What is DCXinsta? 🇮🇳

DCXinsta is CoinDCX’s gift to the Indian trading community on the eve of the 71st Independence day. It’s a platform that breaks the barriers of P2P - the long waiting time for sellers to approve requests, the collateral and the hassle involved, the disputes and endless hours spent in resolving them, buying vouchers from different unknown sources and unrecognized platforms.

You have been through this and you know the woes of buying crypto through P2P platforms.

We believe that you deserve better than the existing P2P systems and DCXinsta is built keeping traders’ convenience in mind.

DCXinsta offers you the fastest (less than 60 seconds) and the most efficient way to buy 40+ cryptocurrencies in India.

How is DCXinsta different from P2P platforms? 🇮🇳

After RBI’s circular and the subsequent hearings in the HC and SC on the cryptocurrency case, cryptocurrency exchanges all over India circumvented regulations through P2P platforms and other innovative solutions like vouchers and open order books.

These creative solutions were time consuming, involved hassle and discouraged new investors from entering the Indian cryptocurrency market.

We got an overwhelming number of requests from our users to solve this problem and introduce a fix, a system that is faster and more efficient than P2P. This gave birth to the concept of DCXinsta. 💡

On existing P2P platforms, traders face challenges on multiple levels. A few of them are:

– Challenge 1 – Time Consuming Process: Buying cryptocurrency on a P2P platform is extremely tedious and time consuming. It involves numerous steps like creating a listing and waiting for responses, waiting for the seller to confirm the receipt of payment or waiting for orders to be matched and a phone call from the platform to confirm the status of the trade. An active trader loses valuable time in this entire process and the trading opportunity is lost in most cases as prices are volatile and keep changing dynamically.

🔥 DCXinsta recognises the need of instant buying of cryptocurrency and saves valuable time for the buyer.

– Challenge 2 – Possibility of dispute: On existing P2P platforms there is a possibility of dispute and in the event of dispute, the collateral pledged by the involved parties is stuck with the platform till there is a proper resolution for the same.

🔥 DCXinsta ensures nearly zero possibility of dispute and requires no collateral from buyers.

– Challenge 3 – Lack of liquidity: On P2P exchange platforms due to lack of liquidity it may take hours, days or even weeks for sellers to respond to buyers’ requests and there is a limited volume of cryptocurrency available for buying/ selling.

🔥 DCXinsta is built on the CoinDCX platform and has the highest liquidity (at par with top global exchanges like Binance and Huobi). You can buy cryptocurrency for any amount. Buy crypto worth as low as ₹10 with no minimum order value.

– Challenge 4 – Funds/ Collateral get stuck in dispute: On P2P exchanges due to dispute, honest crypto traders lose their time and funds in the process of dispute resolution.

🔥 On DCXinsta there is no collateral and the system is fast and efficient.

– Challenge 5 – Buying at fair market prices rather than at brokers’ price: On the different existing P2P platforms, the prices of cryptocurrencies are set by the brokers listing the crypto. This isn’t a fair market for crypto traders.

🔥 DCXinsta is fair for traders, you can buy cryptocurrencies at a fair market price.

– Challenge 6 – Legal and 100% secure: Funds on the platform are completely secure and DCXinsta is 100% secure. Our activities are in accordance with regulations.

🔥 CoinDCX will ensure that all payments are secure and will monitor transactions closely to achieve practically 0% dispute rate on DCXinsta.

Getting Started with DCXinsta 🇮🇳

CoinDCX has always been at the forefront of the blockchain revolution in India and we continue this trend through DCXinsta.

DCXinsta is built on the existing CoinDCX platform. It is open for registrations and free to use, exclusively for the first 1000 users.

If you haven’t already registered, register now.

DCXinsta is an exclusive platform. Reserve your spot before registrations close. Last date for registrations is August 15, 2018.

Note: Existing CoinDCX users do not need to sign up for using the platform, they have direct access to DCXinsta.

Stay tuned for regular updates on this revolutionary platform over the next few weeks.

Forget P2P and gear up to insta!

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