DCX Learn Launches free simplified Crypto and Blockchain Course with Zubi.


  • DCX Learn joined hands with Zubi to launch a series of modules on cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology.
  • There are a couple more certification modules coming up in the next quarter of 2021.
  • From highlighting how money evolved to the scams and best practices in crypto, this module covers everything you need to know about crypto.

As promised, catering towards our goal to provide education around crypto, DCX Learn has joined hands with Zubi to present you a collaboration aimed to detangle the buzz around Crypto. The emergence of cryptocurrencies, since its inception,  has often been viewed as driven by the opportunity for radical innovation,  entrepreneurship in financial solutions and as a new biggest asset class for investments. The majority of people want to explore and be a part of the world’s biggest financial revolution. But to be a part of something this revolutionary, clarity or knowledge about the features and the potential of the same is a must. The course is free for 30 days. Grab your seats and learn all the basics of the biggest asset class!

As a pioneer in the industry, we decided to take the much needed step in providing the right education. Hence, we decided to find a solution to the shortcoming of trustworthy teaching resources and that’s how DCX Learn was started. Agreeing to cryptocurrency having the potential to fundamentally change the way businesses are conducted, we cannot deny the transformational proofs in the foundations of our economic and social systems. 

The sole purpose of this collaboration, therefore,  is to help you arm yourself with knowledge about the history of money, the basics of blockchain technology and the various advantages of cryptocurrency. The course has been curated in such a way that it also highlights the scams and best practices related to crypto. It will open new avenues for crypto enthusiasts like you and will help you beat the competition. 

This is not all! We have multiple courses lined up for you. DCX Learn and Zubi will be coming out with certification courses in the next quarter of 2021. To avail the certificate courses, get on with the basics and become a master trader or investor in no time!

Aiming to cover the basics of cryptocurrency trading and blockchain technology, the course starts with how trading and money evolved over the years and moves on to how you can purchase, store, trade and exchange cryptocurrencies. Aman Sanduja, co-founder at, will guide you step by step throughout this course to gain a basic understanding of how crypto trading works.

About the Course:

  1. Cryptocurrency essentials and foundations – The introductory module will focus on: Do you know how money evolved? Why do we need Blockchain? What is Bitcoin? In this module, we answer these questions and help you get familiar with some common terms in the Crypto Space.
  2. How to buy cryptocurrencies – In this module, we will deal with the process to earn or purchase Cryptocurrency.
  3. Mining and economics of cryptocurrency – This module involves the concepts of Cryptocurrency Mining. It also dives into the technicalities related to mining and the parameters linked to decide if the Mining is profitable.
  4. Storing cryptocurrency – The penultimate module covers the ways one can store a cryptocurrency. It will also help you understand the best practices to prevent your cryptos from getting theft.
  5. Get familiar with crypto exchanges – This module will help you understand how trading works and the different types of exchanges on which you can trade and how secure trading on exchanges are. 

About Aman Sanduja

He is an emerging technology leader and an entrepreneur who has co-founded three companies. He has taught 10000+ students and professionals on blockchain and digital assets across Southeast Asia. Sanduja is a professor on upgrad, a TEDx speaker and also on the board of Times groups, Bennett university. Previously, he did innovation with Google and Primal Enterprise. Sanduja has excelled courses on entrepreneurship and management from IIT Delhi and Stanford University. He is one of the early adopters of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in India and has advised various state governments and organizations on the adoption and application of the technology. He has traded, and managed portfolios and has spoken at numerous premier institutions and organizations in the country. His research focuses on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, and the economics of equity crowdfunding and startup growth.

About DCX Learn:

DCX Learn is a premium Blockchain and Cryptocurrency academy which offers guides and articles, online courses, interactive lectures, and much more. The concepts are explained through simple infographics, easy tutorial videos, and overall the content is designed to suit the needs of learners at all levels. The academy is open for all and the community members can also make significant content contributions.

About Zubi:

Zubi is a Tech-ed platform which aims to bridge the gap between the industry and academia by providing an innovative way to get up skilled in emerging technology. It is India’s first emerging technology company, focusing on building an integrated and inclusive ecosystem around new-age technologies. Through their transformative and personalized ecosystem, they aim to empower and upskill people to disrupt the future and excel.

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