CoinDCX Go is now CoinDCX: The Simplest Bitcoin Investment App

Crypto adoption in the Indian market has resulted in various innovations and simpler solutions to pre-existing problems. The higher the adoption rate of the newest asset class, the more acknowledgment of the potential it carries! This acknowledgment has resulted in the cryptocurrency exchanges working hard to make crypto simpler. After going through all the feedback and suggestions from CoinDCX’s user base, we will be discussing a solution that was overdue.

CoinDCX has always aimed to make crypto investment simpler and safer for the cryptocurrency community. To continue working towards the same, the users must be well acquainted with the CoinDCX Apps. As we were conducting our revision before newer developments were introduced within the CoinDCX App, we concluded that having various extensions to CoinDCX might be a matter of confusion for our users. To solve this, our team members got into several team discussions, deep-dived into which snack will help solve the problem faster, and delved into the psychology of the problem to realize that our broader commitment has always been in establishing CoinDCX as a one-stop cryptocurrency exchange platform for our users! 

CoinDCX, being the safest cryptocurrency exchange in India, is dedicated to making crypto investment accessible to its users with safe and secure products. As a follow-up to the promises made by the first crypto unicorn of India, the organization must keep its users updated on all the changes they are bringing forth for a better user experience. That is the reason you are always the first to know about all the latest brand and product developments along with the new releases that are in the pipeline. 

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What has changed?

CoinDCX has changed the name of its apps. The simplest Bitcoin investment app CoinDCX Go is now known as CoinDCX! Same app. New name!

CoinDCX is working on various new implementations!

Coming soon!

Prioritizing the demands made by our crypto community and providing solutions for all problems faced by the users is the main aim for all of us at CoinDCX. To mention a few projects that we have been working on, demanded by our valued investors and traders, are adding the P&L feature within our app to help our users easily track how much they have invested, how the data of their investment journey looks, etc. We are also working towards including improved price charts within our app, which will help the users make better investment decisions. We will soon make the Limit Orders option available for our users as well. With this, users will be able to buy or sell their choice of crypto tokens at their own price. This will also help them set a future price for orders that is more suited as per their investment strategy.

To answer your queries:

Q1. When will this happen?

We hope you have already stumbled across our new logo already! If you haven’t, please update the app to experience our new logo.

Over the next couple of months, you will notice various new implementations in both our products and our communications. As always, we will ensure that YOU are the first to know about all our new releases.

Q2. Will my funds be affected by this renaming?

Not at all. Renaming the app will not affect any of your funds.

Q3. Will my CoinDCX Go account be affected? 

No. Your existing account is safe within the app without any changes.

Q4. Will this affect deposits and withdrawals?

No, there will be no changes in deposits and/or withdrawals.

Q5. Will the name change affect my app use in any way?

Not at all. There will be no changes to your investment experience. Your app will remain the same.

Q6. Will I need to do anything for this change?

The only activity needed from your end is to make sure that your app is always up-to-date. It will ensure everything is in place. If you have not updated your app yet, click here.

Q7. Will this affect the CoinDCX website?

No. The CoinDCX website will remain the same. The only change you’ll experience is a clear differentiation between CoinDCX and CoinDCX Pro on the trading interface for a simpler and better experience for our users. 

Q8. Will this affect the CoinDCX Pro app?
No, this will not affect your trading experience on the CoinDCX Pro app. For better understanding, please check out the image below.

Keep an eye out for all the new exciting offerings from CoinDCX! Stay connected with us on our social media channels or reach out to us at Customer Support!

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