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DCX Learn is Live

Cryptocurrencies are proliferating. The emergence of cryptocurrencies has often been viewed as driven by the opportunity for radical innovation,  entrepreneurship in financial solutions, and a new asset class for investments.  The majority of people want to explore and be a part of the world’s biggest financial revolution. BUT, people won’t use what they don’t understand. We saw this with initial resistance to the internet, social media, and smartphones. According to an article in Bitcoinist, 38% of people in the UK do not understand cryptocurrency. In India, this number is over 98%. 98! People are reluctant to learn about it because it scares them and it is complicated. From getting involved with cryptocurrency whether to invest or to place value as a career choice, the longing to understand what it is, the technology behind it and how people can benefit from it is going unfulfilled. When people attempt to learn, the complexities in its technicalities and architecture, trustworthy resources which break down these complexities are nowhere to be found. The lack of proper education and awareness was acting as a speed-breaker in the overall development of the crypto industry not just in India, but in the entire world.

And this is why!


DCX Learn is a premium Blockchain and Cryptocurrency academy which offers guides and articles, online courses, interactive lectures, and much more. The concepts are explained through simple infographics, easy tutorial videos, and overall the content is designed to suit the needs of learners at all levels. The academy is open for all and the community members can also make significant content contributions. We want DCX Learn to lay a strong foundation globally in breaking down the complex world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

As a pioneer in the industry, we decided to take the needed step in providing the right education. Hence, we decided to find a solution to the shortcoming of trustworthy teaching resources and that’s how it all started. And now, we have launched an educational platform that aims to make blockchain and cryptocurrency accessible to all.

A person who understands the importance of their private keys will keep them in a safe place and not share them with scammers. A person who has learned how to perform due diligence won’t invest in the fraudulent ICO or Ponzi schemes that land every day in their inbox. A person who has learned how the blockchain works will understand whether or not blockchain implementation will improve their business’s operations. And this is what DCX Learn is about: Educating, Empowering and Enlightening people to make the right decisions throughout their cryptocurrency journey.

Sumit Gupta, Our CEO and Co-founder thoughts on the launch of DCX Learn, “With the potential to accelerate financial inclusion in India, as well as opening gateways to new forms of investing, cryptocurrencies can benefit everyone. However, for Indians to take full advantage of crypto, we need to lay the groundwork through appropriate education. With DCX Learn, we want to arm users with the knowledge necessary to navigate crypto markets. As India’s largest exchange, we believe it is our duty to give people the tools needed to unlock the benefits of digital assets, and we are sure that DCX Learn will be vitally important in achieving our goal of onboarding 50 million Indian crypto users.”

Expressing support for the launch of DCX Learn, Kashif Raza, Co-founder of CryptoKanoon, said: “At this stage of growth for the Indian crypto community, there is a need to provide potential users with better access to knowledge and toolsets to make their trading experience safe and productive. The launch of DCX Learn comes at a time when India is bullish on crypto—and with more resources and information available to Indian users, we are confident that the industry can achieve long term, sustainable growth.”

Shan Aggarwal, Head of Corporate Development at Coinbase said: “With most of the world currently in some form of lockdown and global capital markets witnessing record volatility due to the Covid-19 crisis, many people are looking to cryptocurrencies as both an alternative investment asset, and as a way to solve some of the challenges of traditional fiat currencies. Much like how Bitcoin was born out of the 2008 financial crisis, today’s global environment makes it a great time for an initiative and platform such as DCX Learn to provide consumers with valuable information on the benefits they can accrue with crypto, as well as how to engage in its use.”

We will do our best to make DCX Learn, a trusted learning platform for all the budding crypto adopters. Our efforts will be to create an environment where everyone has the access to learn and earn from the ever-booming crypto industry. We have built DCX Learn for you. Come and enlighten yourself with the best educational content. Visit DCX Learn now at and explore all the available content.

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