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Have Questions? We've Got Answers

The CoinDCX API stack documentation can be found right here. Here is a short video to understand how you can access your API keys.

Currently to use CoinDCX’s API stack, you have to be either an Indian citizen or an Indian entity as per the current regulations.

We currently have futures trading available on our CoinDCX API stack.

The Fee structure works on a tiered basis that is based on your 30 day trading volume. The more you trade with us, the lower will be the fees. To check out how the tiered pricing works, please check here

If you check the API documentation, you will find that you can pull the market pricing information from the candles section under public endpoints. You do not require an API key to access this data.

For any queries with respect to API connections, please raise a support ticket here. You can also reach out to your relationship manager.

For those interested in market making, the API used will be the same CoinDCX API stack. To express your interest in market making, please email [email protected] and our team will connect with you on the same.

CoinDCX provides special access to our HFT APIs for enterprise and specialized clients who trade in higher volumes. These APIs will enable our clients to trade and receive market data with faster API responses and higher API rate limits. More information on this can be found in our API documentation here To receive this access, please send a request to [email protected]. Our team members post evaluation will request you for a static IP address which we will keep as our Trusted IPs for HFT. Once your IP address has been added as ‘Trusted’, you will receive access to our HFT API services.

Currently we do not have an API wrapper/SDK service. We are working on the same and it should be available soon.

Beware of Fake CoinDCX Profiles

Online scams with fake CoinDCX profiles are rising. To remain safe, keep the following things in mind

Verify the Source

Always check if the communication is from an official CoinDCX channel.

Do Not Share Personal Information

Never share your personal or financial information with anyone claiming to be from CoinDCX.

Stay Vigilant of Social Media Scams

We don't ask for personal information on X, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.

Report Scams

If you come across any suspicious activity, report it to us.