7 reasons why you should use CoinDCX to invest in Bitcoin.


  • How CoinDCX was conceptualized.
  • Findings of “Mood of the Nation” survey.
  • Reasons why you should be using the CoinDCX App.

Any unplanned or sudden shift in our daily life gets us riled up and makes us question the implications. Agreed? The year 2020 had been the epitome of them. Similarly investors in India were questioning investing in cryptocurrencies, since the banking ban was removed by the Supreme Court in India. Adding to this, 2020 saw the steady rise in BTC’s price! Which turned more eyes towards Bitcoin.

To understand where the Indian marketplace stands in this financial revolution, CoinDCX conducted a “Mood of the Nation” survey, which did not have only crypto experts as participants, but also individuals who were unaware about cryptocurrency.

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According to the survey, 60% of the participants think it is the  lack of easy options that is stopping India from rising in the Crypto space and 63% of people think Bitcoin is a good alternate investment class and wish to include Bitcoin in their portfolio. With a mix of doubts and desires, India started questioning:

  1. Where can Indians buy Bitcoin?
  2. Where can Indians buy Bitcoin legally?
  3. Which is the safest and easiest place to buy Bitcoin in India?

What is CoinDCX?

CoinDCX is the simplest place to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Users can connect their bank accounts on CoinDCX to buy and sell cryptos in INR within seconds via IMPS, RTGS, NEFT, UPI, or our partnered payment gateways.

Still not convinced?

This blog shall point out more reasons why we say CoinDCX is the most effortless Bitcoin exchange app India can ever get.

Here are the Reasons Why You Should Use CoinDCX:

It is Easy! 

Yes it is. Since making investment in crypto seamless has been the main focus of CoinDCX, the app has its full focus on making it as user friendly as possible. The outcome of the ‘Mood of the Nation’ survey has been the building bricks of what we wanted this app to be.

Investing through CoinDCX is as simple as posting a selfie on social media. All you need to do is:

  • Download the App.
  • Transfer your INR Funds.
  • Start investing!

No other Cryptocurrency investment app is as easy as CoinDCX.

Bonus: If you are new to Crypto investment, CoinDCX is the best place for you to take your first step.

CoinDCX gives Instant Buys and Sells

We all like everything instant. Right? Why not experience what we like the most while we are investing? The CoinDCX app has been curated to provide you with instant access to your cryptocurrency. Our innovative teams have made it possible for you to complete your “Sign up” and “Buy” your first crypto within minutes.

Forget waiting for your Cryptos to process. Forget facing delays in receiving money in your bank accounts. Start your crypto journey with CoinDCX and enjoy instant investing!

CoinDCX charges Zero Fee on Your Investments

Yes, Zero fee! The CoinDCX app does not charge you any amount on withdrawals and deposits of your cryptocurrencies. Savings on investing? Where else can you get it? Start your Crypto journey today with the easiest app in India.

You can Buy Cryptos Directly From Your Bank Account

CoinDCX is committed to provide you a hassle-free investing experience. The first concern for us was to make transferring funds to your CoinDCX wallet easier. Thus, we built the app enabling you to link your bank account. This will allow you to buy or sell cryptos in a matter of seconds. You can link your bank account via. IMPS, RTGS, NEFT, or through any of our partnered payment gateways.

You can Invest in Cryptocurrencies Anytime, Anywhere

Investing on the go is truly what enables the CoinDCX app to be the easiest app to invest in Bitcoin. Previously crypto exchanges were the only option for us to exchange our cryptocurrencies for another. CoinDCX has made it easier by enabling us to strategize our investments and help us diversify our portfolio with a few taps. Now stay at the top of all crypto market movements through our App.

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All your Funds are Secure and Insured

Security of our assets is always our main concern. We at CoinDCX understand that. That is why we make sure to stay at the top of the industry best solution when it comes to security. Your funds on CoinDCX are insured by globally-renowned insurers (Bitgo) and protected by industry-best security practices. Majority of CoinDCX’s funds are held in geographically distributed multi-signature cold wallets. Thus, rest assured, your wallets and digital assets are safe and secure.

We are Here for You 24*7

We claimed you can invest in your voice of cryptocurrency at your convenience. We stand by it. It does not matter if you are investing in cryptos after hours or if you are in a different time zone. Our customer support is always there with you. You can reach us at any time via web tickets and emails.

If you are not convinced yet, here is a Step-by-Step guide to help you.

The main aim of the app, CoinDCX, has been to create a platform that will provide you the swiftest and the easiest path to start investing legally in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins. We promise to keep bringing you innovations that will simplify your crypto journey and will also help you keep up with the constant change.

Please provide us your feedback. We look forward to answering more questions and providing you with the best solutions.

Download, CoinDCX bitcoin app now!

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