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Bitcoin Price Prediction 2023: Will BTC Price Reach $35,000?

Key Takeaways:

Price  $28,235.06
24H Price Change  +5.21%
7D Price Change -0.1%
MarketCap  $545.78 billion
Circulating Supply 19.33 million
Trading Volume  $21.42 billion
ATH $68,789.63
ATL $65.53

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Bitcoin Price History

Bitcoin Technical Analysis

Source: Tradingview

Overview of Bitcoin On-Chain Analysis:

Bitcoin Daily Hash Rate


The hash rate is nothing but the computational power required over a proof-of-work network to validate a transaction and complete it by adding the block to the blockchain. It is used to determine the overall health, security, and mining difficulty of the network. It is measured in the terms of hash per second on a blockchain network, the higher the hash rate, the more secure the network may be.

Presently, the hash rate of Bitcoin recently marked new highs beyond 400 million hashes per second. It indicates the huge participation of the miners in validating the transaction which has also increased the difficulty. A large number of participants also makes the network more decentralized while leaving no scope for any 51% attack. 

Bitcoin Daily Supply on Exchanges


The supply on the exchanges or the balance reserve of all the aggregated exchanges does imply the mindset of the investors. Usually, to buy or sell a token, the trader needs to send his tokens to the exchanges and perform a trade. Else, in case of holding it for a long term, the trader usually holds it in his wallet. Therefore, these metrics indicate the overall mood of the market participants.

Presently, the supply on t exchanges has spiked high, indicating that traders are likely to sell or swap their BTC for other altcoins. Hence are constantly transferring their tokens onto their exchanges. The levels have risen ever since the BTC price managed to rise above $28,000 for the first time in 2023. The traders being under immense FUD since 2022, may extract profit with a slight price drop. Hence storing their tokens on the exchanges, indicating a short-term mindset. 

Bitcoin Daily Miner Revenue


Bitcoin chain works in a Proof-of-network consensus mechanism and the miners are an integral part of the ecosystem. They are rewarded with 6.25 BTC for validating a single block and adding it to the chain. This reward is the revenue generated by the miners in due process. The revenue has a considerable impact on the prices as they tend to liquidate their reserves when mining is not profitable. 

This happens when the BTC price plummets hard which makes mining less sustainable. However, the revenue of the miners has surged massively since the beginning of 2023, mainly from March. Therefore, it indicates the miners may be in profit and hence may hold the earned BTC without creating selling pressure in the markets.

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Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2023

Bitcoin price has been undergoing massive recovery since the beginning of 2023 and has intensified heavily as the Q1 close is approaching. The price has surged by more than 70% since the beginning of the year and flashes bullish signals to regain the lost levels in the coming days. The price after a bullish close of around $29,300, may maintain a decent upswing in Q2 which may include a couple of bearish pullbacks. 

The trend may remain elevated largely as the prices tend to hold above the newly formed support levels each time. Moreover, the second half of 2023 is believed to be more elevated as the price may have the aim to hit $50,000 but may reach beyond $32,000 to $35,000 by the end of Q3. Further, the final quarter could be more bullish as the prices may surge beyond $40,000 but may certainly fail to hit $50,000.

Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2024

The beginning of the year is expected to be largely bullish as the price could maintain an ascending trend largely. The price may quickly gain levels above $50,000 and withstand minor bearish pressure. However, the upswing may not be hindered, as the intensity may rise and transform into a bull run closing the half-yearly trade close to $55,000 to $56,000.

Being very close to its ATH, the BTC price may intensify its uptrend during the second half of 2024 and surge beyond $60,000. The bears may try to restrict the price, but may get exhausted very soon. Hence keeping the bullish momentum intact until the end of the year and probably forming a new ATH just above $70,000. 

Bitcoin PRICE PREDICTION 2025-2030

In case, BTC misses forming new highs, it may accomplish the task in Q1 2025 and surge high to reach close to $80,000.However, as the bulls get drained a little, the bears are believed to regain their dominance. This may kick-start a bearish market that may slowly extract most of the profits incurred in the recent past. The bearish trend may prevail for the rest of 2026 and 2027, while the beginning of 2028 may be slightly bullish. 

In 2028, the BTC price could begin a minor recovery phase which may be intensified by the end of the year. After a strong recovery, the price may again begin to undergo a massive bull run in 2029 with acute strength. The upswing may continue in the first few days of 2030 and mark new highs around $100K, post to which the bears may take back control.

Year Bitcoin Price Forecast
2023 $38,000 to $42,000
2024 $65,000 to $71,000
2025 $62,000 to $63,000

Should you invest in Bitcoin in 2023? 

Bitcoin is the very first crypto and holds a decade-long history in trade, withstanding multiple bearish markets and manifesting magnificent recoveries. History says Bitcoin soars high to form new highs, each time it rebounds from its bottom. However, before jumping in, a trader requires to carry out extensive research about the core fundamentals, and other information of the project. Additionally, a deep analysis of the price movements may also help to determine good entry and exit points, which helps to manage risk accordingly.


What will Bitcoin be worth in 2023?

Bitcoin price may be around $38,000 to $41,000 by the end of 2023

What will be the price of 1 Bitcoin in 2030?

The price of 1 Bitcoin may reach $100K, but may not sustained till the end of 2030

Will Bitcoin ever hit $100K?

Bitcoin price is predicted to soar high and forms new highs in the coming years and hence may reach the desired target in the future

Is Bitcoin a safe investment?

Bitcoin, being the very first crypto out for trade has become stringent and more decentralized. Hence can be considered a safe investment provided, one has carried out extensive research and close observation of chart patterns.

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