Crypto Spotlight: Feature 9 – With Er. R. Vinothkumar


  1. Vinothkumar through his platform TamilBTC aims to spread awareness and use cases on crypto.
  2. The Indian community has to work harder to spread more awareness and save the budding crypto enthusiasts from falling prey to all sorts of scams.
  3. The role of mainstream Indian languages is huge in taking the crypto adoption movement to its fullest potential and the community should focus more on producing vernacular educational/awareness content to reach a larger audience.

The ninth feature of the #CryptoSpotlight is here and today our guest of honor is Er. R. Vinothkumar. He is the founder of Tamil BTC and is playing an important role in harnessing the potential of crypto in the Tamil belt of India. This is the first Tamil feature and the second feature of our series that is presented in an Indian language.

Team Crypto News Hindi shared with us the importance of mobilizing the adoption movement in every nook and corner of India. Clearly, it is evident that the all the potential community voices are doing their best to make crypto a glocal technology wherein everyone can reap the benefits of world’s finest financial revolution.

So, let’s begin and find out about Vinoth’s journey and what made him work towards in bringing more Tamilians into crypto and what according to him are the major challenges of the Indian crypto industry.

1) Hello Vinoth! Can you tell our readers what your brand/company is about and how it is helping the Indian crypto ecosystem?

Vinoth – My channel Tamil BTC is primarily aimed at spreading awareness and use cases on crypto. I would also like to onboard more traders and users into crypto via my channel /group and foster long-term cooperation with well-known crypto communities, build communities, and scale businesses using customer incubation and growth strategies on Blockchain.

2) What is your crypto story? How did you first start and what motivated you to become a community voice?

Vinoth – As per my qualifications, I am an electrical engineer. I started my own solar business in 2013. During my free time I surfed the web for online income opportunities and discovered the existence of Bitcoin faucets* and how they worked with Xapo (a Bitcoin wallet and bitcoin-based debit card company).  After receiving Bitcoin, I sold them to Unocoin and traded the remaining on the Bittrex exchange.

Post that, I read more blogs on crypto, following which, I decided to spread awareness about crypto and started TamilBTC after 3 years, in 2016.

At the time, I started creating more videos on my channel called TAMIL NEWS LIVE and received 40K subscribers in a short length of time. However my channel was banned from YouTube. Not to take no for an answer, I started TAMIL REVIEW TODAY. Now, I have 19K Subscribers and 6K Members in Telegram. My final and ultimate aim is to get more Tamilians into crypto.

(Editor’s note: A bitcoin faucet is a reward system, in the form of a website or app, that dispenses rewards in the form of a satoshi, which is a hundredth of a millionth BTC, for visitors to claim in exchange for completing a captcha or task as described by the website)

3) What are the changes you have seen from the day you became a community voice until now?

Vinoth – As days go by, I see more changes in this field, and things are definitely taking a turn for the better. I hope that one day everyone will begin using crypto as money. As a community voice,I have more responsibility to contribute in this field. With scams increasing everyday, I need to spread more awareness to our people.

“I believe that I need to do a lot more to spread awareness and help people avoid scams. Through my channels on YouTube, Twitter and Telegram, I am working towards bringing more Tamilians into crypto.”

4) Tell us how you are bringing about the crypto revolution in India.

Vinoth – Things are, no doubt, changing for the better. However, as a member and one of the voices for the community, I believe that I need to do a lot more to spread awareness and help people avoid scams. Through my channels on YouTube, Twitter and Telegram, I am working towards bringing more Tamilians into crypto.

5) What are the current challenges you feel the Indian crypto ecosystem has and what do you think is the resolution for this?

Vinoth – While there is enough awareness, our work is far from done. A month back, there was a hacking incident at Twitter, which resulted in a significant amount of bitcoin being stolen. Additionally people also send bitcoin to scam giveaways so we need to work harder at stopping that.

Not just that, there are MLM scams going on in this space that need to stop and people need to be made aware about. Ponzi coins such as Beldex, satoshi global, forsage and ERC20 smart scams exist, need to be nipped in the bud. I think, while there are Hindi and Tamil videos available out there, we need to create more videos in other Indian languages.

6) If you get the chance to meet Mr. Modi, what will you tell/suggest to him about the Indian crypto industry?

Vinoth – If I had an opportunity to meet our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, I would request him to consider education as well as regulations on the subject of cryptocurrencies. Apart from that, I would ask him to consider creating a digital currency, which is backed by the Indian government. I would ask him if he would also ponder over, providing free solar electricity to mine cryptocurrencies and start crypto as a separate government division, without it falling under the aegis of  SEBI/IRDA/RBI, given its decentralized properties.

In 5-10 years we might see more shop/startups/companies saying “Crypto Accepted Here”.

7) What changes do you think crypto will bring in India in the next 5,10 years?

Vinoth – In 5-10 years we might see more shop/startups/companies saying “Crypto Accepted Here”.

8) Your views on #TryCrypto and how we can strengthen crypto adoption in India?

Vinoth – #TryCrypto really spreads more awareness to the people . We also need to promote the initiative with rewards.

Thank you Vinoth for sharing such wonderful insights with our readers. We hope to see you back on ‘Crypto Spotlight’ soon.

Stay tuned with us as we will be publishing the next feature of the series very soon. The feature will have another eminent community voice who will share their views and would enlighten us further on the future prospects of the Indian crypto ecosystem.

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