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Dent(DENT), Holo(HOT), Enigma (ENG) and Monero(XMR) now live on DCXinsta

Greetings to the DCXinsta community.

We’re here with an exciting update. ⚡️⚡️

Three ERC20 tokens : Dent(DENT) , Holo(HOT) , Enigma (ENG) and Monero (XMR) are now live on DCXinsta.

DENT, HOT, ENG and XMR on DCXinsta

You can buy DENT, HOT and ENG (ERC20 tokens) using INR on the platform, in addition to the existing 40+ cryptocurrencies on DCXinsta. These tokens can be traded on our exchange platform – CoinDCX. They can also be transferred from your CoinDCX wallet to any ERC-20 compliant wallet.

What is Dent (DENT)?

DENT is an online marketplace (P2P) for buying and selling of mobile data. Their vision is a “Data Sharing Economy”, where users can freely buy, sell and donate their mobile data in a P2P manner. DENT enables automated purchase capability of data packages for consumers and iOT devices.

The total supply of DENT is a hundred billion.

What is Holo (HOT)?

Holochain provides a framework for developers to build decentralized applications (dApps). Their vision is to bring about a shift in blockchain consensus mechanism by powering an agent-centric system. In simple terms, there is no cap on scalability and dApps on Holochain can do much more than dApps on traditional blockchain faster and with lesser constraints.

The total supply of HOT is a hundred and seventy seven billion.

What is Enigma (ENG)?

Enigma is an off-chain network meant to complement blockchain networks by providing secondary-layer data storage and computation.  The protocol will offer privacy and scaling solutions to any blockchain program that uses it, as data offloaded onto the Enigma network will be both private and freed from on-chain network congestion.

The total supply of ENG is a hundred and fifty billion.

What is Monero (XMR)?

Monero is a secure, private, untraceable currency system. With a special kind of cryptography, Monero ensures that all its transactions remain completely untraceable and unlinkable.

The total supply of XMR is sixteen billion.

DENT, HOLO, ENG and XMR are now live on DCXinsta. Start buying 40+ cryptos with INR in less than 60 seconds.

Are you excited to buy these cryptocurrencies with INR in less than 60 seconds?

Buy 40+ cryptocurrencies within 60 seconds and at the most competitive rates on DCXinsta. ⚡️

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