CoinDCX upgrades its trade matching infrastructure to support 20k orders per second

CoinDCX trading engine upgrade

CoinDCX has always been at the forefront in providing products and services built with cutting-edge technology. We give our customers the most simple and robust trading environment where they can function at a lightning speed. Our team’s constant efforts help us to sustain these features to provide a uniform experience to all our customers throughout.

The team is also well-equipped to tackle the ever-changing challenges without hampering the user experience. The current trends suggest that cryptocurrency exchange platforms in India will witness a huge traffic in the coming days. This is something that we had foreseen as recently the Supreme Court quashed the banking ban by RBI enacted in 2018. Post the SC verdict, CoinDCX launched #TryCrypto movement to onboard the next 50 million people to the crypto economy. With this massive campaign, CoinDCX had to innovate to improve the orderbooks to cater to this heavy traffic.

We are ready to welcome the huge traffic as we have updated our trading infrastructure to support 20k orders per second. Now this means, we are processing 20k orders per second and the scalability of the platform has multiplied. The trading is exceedingly inch-perfect and we have zero tolerance towards failure. The nature of the trade doesn’t allow to repeat the transaction for the same price as the market has moved already. This means if we lose the chance of a transaction due to downtime, then we have lost it forever. Traders will now get exact prices at which they wish to trade and this benefit brings paramount preciseness which every trader strives to have in their trades.

We are fully aware about throughput and have taken adequate measures that it remains intact to achieve zero downtime rate. It will help our traders get their orders through in real time, even if the market is highly volatile and prices are moving aggressively up or down. An optimized ongoing price is established via this feature as there are more buyers and sellers doing the transaction at a same time. This will also ensure that there is no slack time.

We at CoinDCX believe that it is inevitable to remain updated about the technological changes. Hence, we always strive to upgrade our features so that our users get an all-round experience. CoinDCX will continue to engage in enhancements and will be giving our customers an industry-first products and services.

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