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Crypto Crash Update: Bitcoin Price Surged by 3.18% and Ethereum Price by 9.41%

Bitcoin Price

Blood-Bath Continues Within the Crypto Space, Yet Fewer Chances of Revival Spring Up!

The recent market crash has hampered the global market cap to a large extent. After recording a 30% loss in the past 7 days, Bitcoin & Ethereum have surged by 3.18% & 9.41% respectively. The other altcoins also have managed to gain significant bullish momentum, recording significant gains. Interestingly, popular stablecoins like USDT, USDC, BUSD, etc maintain their peg while Bitcoin dominance declines slightly as it stands at 44.7%. 

As BTC prices display signs of recovery, most of the altcoins jump in action. Assets like Helium (HNT), Chanilink (LINK), Elrond(EGLD) rose by 29.11%, 18.85% & 16.98% resp. On the other hand, cryptos like Monero(XMR), and Tron (TRX) dropped by 5.36% & 3.43% respectively. Some of the stablecoins like USDN & USDD appear to have lost their peg notably. 


Price Trend  Price for June 15, 2022  Percentage change 
The global cryptocurrency market cap  $933,999,745,432.58
The total crypto market volume $101,792,888,032.51
Bitcoin Price $21,936.14 1.57%
Ethereum Price  $1,200.21 7.36%

*All prices are latest by 08:25 am, 15 June 2022.

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Ox (ZRX)

June’s trade also began with a huge price slash much similar to that of the beginning of May’s trade. The rally currently appears to have lost most of its strength and hence a rebound does not appear to be on cards in the near future. The price maintained a notable consolidation for nearly a month and was expected to break out from these levels soon. But the recent market crash has turned the tables for the asset.

Currently, the ZRX price has lost nearly 43% of its value since the beginning of June’s trade. Therefore, it would be extremely difficult for the asset to recover the losses while the bears still hold control over the rally. Therefore, if the price halts the descending trend, then a rebound may be expected, else the asset could test new lows throughout this week of June.

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Crypto Price* Percentage Change
UMA (UMA) INR 228.58 42.25%
Helium (HNT) INR 811.14 26.13%
SKALE Network (SKALE) INR 5.08 24.37%

*All prices are latest by 08:25 am, 15 June 2022.


Crypto Price* Percentage Change
Flamingo (FLM) INR 9.88 -7.06%
Monero (XMR) INR 9,549.96 -6.22%
Tron (TRX) INR 4.63 -5.65%

*All prices are latest by 08:25 am, 15 June 2022.

Crypto Market Update

Celsius (CEL) price gains 600%+, but analysts cite exchange error and a massive short squeeze

CEL price saw a huge spike on June 14, 2022, from $0.18 to $1.55; but the rise in value was short-lived, as the assets price went back to $0.60 within the same one-hour candle. Analysts are of the opinion that these changes in CEL value are due to an exchange glitch or a liquidation of short traders.

Source: CoinTelegraph

Top NFT News

Bored Ape Ethereum NFTs Drop Below $100K for First Time in Almost a Year

As the crypto market is going through a bear market, the NFT space is also experiencing some fall in values. Bored Ape NFTs saw a fall is their value; this low entry price has not been seen since last August. 

According to NFT Price Floor, the floor price for a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT—that is, the cheapest available item listed on a secondary marketplace—currently sits at $96,469, or 80 ETH. The price fell as low as $91,741 overnight, per the website’s data.

Source: Decrypt

OpenSea announces migration to Seaport protocol

The most popular NFT marketplace by trading volume, OpenSea announced on Tuesday, that it was migrating to Seaport. OpenSea mentioned that users would pay 35% less for gas fees when transacting on Seaport. Based on data from 2021, it would amount to an estimated $460 million (138,000 ETH) in total savings. In addition, the removal of the setup fee would potentially result in $120 million (35,000 ETH) per year in additive savings.

Source: CoinTelegraph


New Coin Market Capitalization Circulating Supply
BAND Protocol (BAND)
35,191,821.00 BAND
Livepeer (LPT)
24,002,307.94 LPT
Moonbeam (GLMR)
297,882,119.00 GLMR
SKALE Network (SKL)
3.53B SKL

*All prices are latest by 09:10, 15  June 2022.

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