Theta Token Swap & Airdrop on CoinDCX Pro

CoinDCX Pro is glad to announce that we will fully support the THETA Token’s upcoming Mainnet Token Swap and TFuel Airdrop.
Deposits and Withdrawals will close on the 11th of March at 10:30 pm IST. We will then begin the Mainnet Swap process. Additionally, a snapshot for the distribution of TFuel will be taken at 12:30 am IST on the 13th of March.

Note that the calculations for the TFuel airdrop will be as follows: 1 THETA = 5 TFuel.

Due to the massive volume of THETA Tokens on CoinDCX Pro, the Mainnet Swap and TFuel Airdrop will take a while. We will keep you updated on our social media, the links for which can be found at the end of this blog.

What is THETA Token?

Theta is building a peer-to-peer (P2P) mesh network that aims to solve issues surrounding Video Delivery and Bandwith Sharing. Theta sees the current infrastructure as unprepared for the accelerating demands it will face due to 4K, 8K, virtual reality and other developments, such as light field technology.

We thank you for your commitment to CoinDCX, Happy Trading!

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