Ethereum Merge

March 17, 2023

The ‘Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade’ is (Finally) Going Live in April 2023: Everything You Need to Know

In the lastest news, Sepolia Shapella upgrade date was confirmed by Ethereum Devs, bringing the Shanghai Upgrade closer than ever! & is expected to happen sometime in March 2023.
February 9, 2023

Ethereum Price Prediction 2023: Bullish Flags Flutter Up-ETH Price Heading To $1800

A new price prediction report claims that Ethereum could hit $1800 in 2023. The report cites the Ethereum network's popularity and adoption as the key drivers of price growth.
September 17, 2022

Ethereum Merge Transition to Proof-of-Stake is Complete; but What’s Next?

Ethereum Shadow Fork goes live ahead of the september merge. This successful test keeps the merge on track to debut September 19, 2022. With Merge closer than ever it is important to know why it matters and what it means for ETH
September 15, 2022

Top Crypto News Today: Ethereum Total Value Locked Surpassed the $400K Mark after the Merge!

Key Takeaways: Ethereum Merge went live exactly at 12:13 pm IST on September 15, 2022 After the Mainnet Merge went live, Ethereum Total Value Locked stands […]
September 14, 2022

Top Crypto News Today: Solana Co-Founder & COO on the Upcoming Etheruem Merge & NFT Markets

Solana Co-Founder said - Ethereum still has a long way to go to get comfortable with the Proof of Stake scenario; while Solana have been a Proof of Stake token since the very beginning. The Ethereum Merge is an interesting event and something that the whole crypto community is looking forward to.
September 14, 2022

Ethereum Gas Fees Explained | Why is ETH Transaction Fee so High?

Ethereum gas is the fee every individual has to pay for using the network. It is the incentive layer for the miners to verify the transactions on the blockchain using their computing power. Want to know how ETH Gas is calculated and when it is the lowest? Read to know more
September 13, 2022

Top Crypto News Today: Ethereum Proof of Work Fork Is Coming Soon After The Merge!

Apart from the Etheruem Merge, the ETH Proof of Work network is set to fork within 24 hours after the Merge is completed, according to a thread posted Monday on the @EthereumPoW Twitter feed.
September 12, 2022

Top Crypto News: DeFi Protocols are limiting ETH borrowings ahead of the Merge

DeFi degens turn to lending protocols Aave, Compound to borrow ETH ahead of the Merge. Ethereum may experience a hard fork according to some DeFi speculators.
September 12, 2022

Top Crypto News Today: How will the Ethereum Merge Update affect EVERYONE in Crypto!

With the Ethereum merge completing its course by 15th september the crypto space will be able to see the Ethereum network's hash rate plunge to zero right away, since proof-of-work mining on Ethereum will end. Some crypto analysts are of the opinion that this huge change in the Ethereum Network might put even more public pressure on Bitcoin's big energy use
September 10, 2022

Ethereum Merge: Everything You Need to KNOW! [September 2022]

what exactly is the Ethereum Merge Update and why is everyone talking about it? Read our detailed FAQ guide on the most anticipated event in the crypto industry!
September 7, 2022

Top Crypto News Today: Ethereum(ETH) TVL Loses More Than $2.8 Billion After Bellatrix Upgrade

Ethereum loses $ 2.8 billion in total value locked post the Bellatrix Merge Upgrade. Eth retests at $2,000 mark
September 7, 2022

Top Crypto Prices Today: Bitcoin nosedives below $19,000, Ethereum crashes by 9% after the Bellatrix Upgrade

The crypto crash on 6 September, 2022 resulted in a major fall in Bitcoin price. The crash was primarily led by Ethereum post the Bellatrix upgrade that went live around 5pm IST, on 6 September. Post the crash, BTC price is now at the lowest point of 2022, trading well below $19,000 at close to 18,800