Life at DCX – January 2021.

As we welcomed the New Year we decided to open up our Mumbai office space for those who wanted to come to work from the office. It was a great opportunity to get to know our colleagues outside of work calls and understand what really drives them on a personal level. This perspective helps in creating an environment where they feel valued, respected, engaged and appreciated. Today, a large part of the team continues to work from home. While they engage with their immediate stakeholders on a regular basis, we are consciously trying to build a similar personal connection with each and everyone so that we can build an organization that is aligned to their personal aspirations.

This month we welcomed 8 new employees in tech, growth, marketing and customer service roles. In a growing company like ours, the primary focus for the people function is acquiring the right talent at the right time.  Both HR and managers at CoinDCX have been concentrating dedicated efforts to make this happen. So naturally, I dived into some numbers to analyse the ROI of our hiring efforts in the last two months and this is how the story goes:

Some points that stand out for me are:

  • We are getting a lot of eyeballs with an average of 180 candidates applying for each job
  • it’s not easy to come across the kind of talent we are looking for. In spite of dedicated efforts on targeted job posting & head-hunting, only 5% of the candidates shortlisted post CV screening are finally made an offer. We make this happen through multiple rounds of assessments & interviews, each of which focuses on a different skillset essential for the role. Finally, the people who do get offered are truly some of the best in the market
  • The entire DCX team came together to spend a total of at least 160 man-days in structured interview conversations to understand if they align with our role requirements. This of course does not include the time managers spent talking to interested candidates in their social network. It will be my endeavour to reduce this effort progressively

Outside the structured hiring process, there were multiple success stories where we collaborated with some talent to craft a new role that was in line with their aspirations as well as our future plans. This I feel is the beauty of a young, nimble & agile organization – where we are not bound by processes & approvals and everybody is empowered to make decisions that are in the best interest of the organization.

We also kick-started our buddy process where post-offer acceptance, the prospective employees got connected to the existing team members and engaged in casual & free-flowing conversations. We received encouraging feedback from candidates who saw this as an opportunity to get a feel of the company culture through their future peers. 

We launched a quick and easy way for employees to express gratitude and appreciation for their colleagues. This saw an overwhelming response from the team, with some fascinating appreciation comments and innovative gifs expressing how they really felt 🙂

We ended the month on a high with our monthly Town Hall. We recognised some of our star performers from the month of December, appreciating them for their dedication and consistent contribution. Continuing with our endeavour of building a workplace focused on employee wellness and growth, we made some key announcements. 

  • From the 1st of April, we move to a 5 day week. This will bring the much sought after relief for a lot of employees, giving them a healthy break to rejuvenate and disconnect from work before they start a new week
  • All employees are now covered under a Company sponsored Life Insurance policy

Incidentally, just before the Town Hall, the news of the proposed Crypto bill was doing the rounds. We took this opportunity to unfold our view on the bill to our employees and answered their questions. For those of you who are interested in reading about how we see this bill, you can read our blog Crypto Safe hai

Looking forward to another exciting month!

P.S.: Interested in crypto jobs or knowing more about us and our future plans? Feel free to connect with me. You can also read about our active roles here. We are actively hiring for tech and marketing roles.

Mudita Chauhan
Head – HR

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