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How to withdraw your Bitcoins from Zebpay Wallet (Updated)

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Withdraw BTC from Zebpay to CoinDCX

We are also sharing the step by step process to withdraw funds from Zebpay.

Let’s run through the steps:

Step 1

Login to your Zebpay account using the mobile application. A list of tokens available on Zebpay is displayed. For our example, we will be working with Bitcoin but the following steps could be repeated for altcoins as well.


Now Withdraw BTC from Zebpay

Step 2

On the new screen, swipe left to select the Send button. Click on the add new address button on the top of the screen if your CoinDCX wallet address is not saved in your wallet yet. Always remember that the Bitcoin or any token for that matter must be sent to a wallet that supports the token. Sending your Bitcoins to a non-Bitcoin wallet could lead to a permanent loss of your Bitcoins. Enter the address where you wish to send your Bitcoin. Enter your CoinDCX bitcoin wallet address here.

Withdraw from Zebpay

Tap on the send option on the screen.

Step 3

To get your Bitcoin Wallet Address on CoinDCX, login to CoinDCX. If you are not an existing CoinDCX user, sign-up on CoinDCX.

Sign in using your web browser and click on the Funds Tab on the top of the screen.

Now select Deposit from the dropdown menu and then click on Bitcoin. The following screen appears.

Deposit BTC to CoinDCX

Select Bitcoin from the list of coins.

Copy BTC Wallet Address


Step 4

You can simply copy the wallet address by clicking the copy button. Paste the address along with your name. Another option is to click on the QR code address scanning option to scan your CoinDCX wallet address. Click on Save.

Step 5

Click on your wallet address associated with your CoinDCX account to send the Bitcoins to that address.

Step 6

You can send all your Bitcoins at once by clicking on the Send All button. You can also click on the pen icon to write a note about the transaction. Click on the Send button. You will be asked to enter your 4 digit PIN number to confirm your transaction and then you are done. Your funds will soon be transferred to the wallet and you will be notified when that happens.


You can also watch this video for a visual demonstration of how to transfer funds from other cryptocurrency exchanges.

We have also created a Youtube video to run you through this process.

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