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How DCXinsta works?

CryptoFreedom is only a few hours away. #DCXinsta goes live at 12:00 pm on August 15, 2018.

Buy 150+ cryptos instantly with INR on DCXinsta.

At CoinDCX we are gearing up for the upcoming launch! Over the past few days we received a large number of queries from our users and the cryptotrading community, about how DCXinsta actually works.

So here’s a blog to run you through the steps.

Buying crypto on DCXinsta is a simple and instant process.

Follow these 3 steps for buying crypto on DCXinsta :

Step 1. Enter INR Amount

Enter the INR Amount that you wish to invest in buying crypto. For instance, to buy XRP worth ₹1500, enter INR amount as 1500.

Step 2. Pay the Seller

After you enter the INR amount, click on buy. Payment options like UPI and IMPS will appear on a window as shown in the image here. Select your preferred payment method.

Enter the reference ID for the payment and click on VERIFY.

Step 3. Get Crypto

As soon as you click on verify, crypto gets deposited to your CoinDCX wallet. Instantly.


With DCXinsta there is no waiting time. Once you get the crypto in your CoinDCX wallet, you can instantly start trading on the exchange platform with the highest liquidity and 250+ crypto pairs.

If you prefer a video tutorial instead, you can watch the video below to see DCXinsta in action.

Excited to buy crypto on DCXinsta ?
Stay tuned for the release. Few more hours to #CryptoFreedom.

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