Are you Still Choosing your Cryptocurrency Exchange? Here’s the Best One

What is crypto trading?

The dawn of cryptocurrency has opened up a very lucrative avenue for investors. The growing number of cryptocurrencies and the option of crypto-to-crypto trade makes it a very interesting territory to explore and deal in. There are multiple exchanges that one can trade on, each one a different marketplace offering varied trading pairs and prices. Asset-to-asset trade is something we have not witnessed before in our regular markets. So clearly, with the advent of the BTC market, these digital assets have thrown open a world of opportunities for traders. <Link to Blog 4/10>

Why invest in crypto?

Cryptocurrency has emerged as an excellent investment vehicle for all types of investors. 

It is an opportunity to diversify your portfolio beyond the regular stocks, bond, and real estate. An independent ecosystem, insulated from the fluctuations of common market forces, it is excellent for those looking to balance their risk by chartering into a fundamentally different sector of the economy. It is perfect even for the ambitious investor; anything similar to the bitcoin explosion of 2017 could result in massive fortunes even with a modest investment. In addition, it is more than just an investment, it is a liquid currency that can directly be exchanged for goods and services. Also, it is non-inflationary, so it is more stable than the local currency.

Truly, cryptocurrency is a financial innovation that has paved the way for many new opportunities. Don’t deprive yourself of the benefits of crypto, start trading today on the most versatile Bitcoin Exchange India CoinDCX!

Why choose CoinDCX?

CoinDCX is an all-inclusive cryptocurrency ecosystem that offers a professional trading experience to all types of traders. An extensive marketplace of 200+ coins and 500+ markets, it offers you an immense variety to strategize your portfolio based on your needs. The deposits and withdrawals of cryptocurrencies on CoinDCX are instant with negligible fees. We bring you inexhaustible liquidity from the world’s largest exchanges, namely Binance, Huobi, and OKEx, to a single platform for smooth order execution, arbitrage opportunities, and instant spot trading. We have the most powerful wallet, so you can trade on spot, margins, futures, and lend using a single wallet. 

With 57,000+ monthly active traders and $10M+ daily trading volume, CoinDCX is the largest exchange in India, hence users can rest assured that they will get the most competitive prices for their crypto assets. In addition to impenetrable security measures such as cold wallet storage, withdrawal confirmations, and 2-Factor authentication, complete fund safety where the funds are insured by BitGO

CoinDCX is, therefore, the most trusted exchange in India with a loyal user base. The first digital asset trading platform in the country to integrate direct bank transfers, today, we offer a rupee Gateway on 75+ cryptos. 

With a bouquet of industry-first products, we are a one-stop-shop for the entire trading community. The products are designed for all types of traders keeping their trading experience, risk tolerance, and trading frequency in mind. Here is a list of our products: 

  • Margin – Trade across 250+ markets with 6X leverage
  • Insta – Fastest FIAT On Ramp Off Ramp with zero trading fee. Buy 40+ cryptocurrencies with INR in less than a minute. 
  • Spot – Trade limitlessly with massive liquidity on crypto and INR pairs/orderbooks
  • Lend – Earn up to 10% annual interest through lending
  • Futures – Maximize trading potential with leverage up to 20x.
  • Stake – Easiest way to earn cryptos by staking
  • Convert– Easy real-time crypto price converter for cryptos as well as fiat currency, such as 1 INR to BTC. 

CoinDCX is, truly, the master of all trades!

If you are new to cryptocurrency and all the crypto talk is overwhelming you, check out our CoinDCX app, the simplest Bitcoin trading app and start your crypto journey in 3 easy steps!

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