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Arbitrage on CoinDCX through KoinKnight

We heard you like Arbitrage trading and have seen quite a few of you doing that on our exchange. So we thought of making it simpler with the help of our friends at KoinKnight. This platform will let all our users identify various arbitrage opportunities that arise in different coins.
To enable better arbitrage trading experience, we’ve optimized our platform in various ways like lower withdrawal fees, faster deposits and withdrawals and highest liquidity in all coin pairs. And now you can get a straightforward idea about potential arbitrage opportunities as well, that can help you increase your Satoshis🔥

What is Arbitrage?

“Simultaneous buying and selling of coins on different markets or exchanges in order to take advantage of differing prices for the same coin”

Simply, it’s the theoretically risk-less profits you can make because a coin is trading at a lower price on exchange A than the price on exchange B. All you need to do is buy from exchange A for lower price, transfer to exchange B and sell it there for a higher price!

What is KoinKnight?

KoinKnight is a “cryptocurrency arbitrage search engine” platform that helps to aggregate various arbitrage opportunities that arise on Indian and international exchanges.

You can watch this guide by Naimish Sanghvi, Coin Crunch India to know more about KoinKnight and how to use it:-

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