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What is CoinDCX Earn & How it Works?

CoinDCX Earn

What is ‘CoinDCX Earn’? 

‘CoinDCX Earn’ is a brand new way for investors to make passive earnings on their idle crypto investments. Given the volatile nature of crypto assets, Earn allows investors to add secured passive earnings of up to 13% in addition to benefiting from market movements in the long term. 

Earn allows investors to not just outlook crypto assets as short-term opportunities but as assets to help build crypto wealth. ‘Earn’ could be the best fit to help build your crypto portfolio for the long term.

In addition to earning benefits, there is no lock-in period on ‘CoinDCX Earn’*. The ‘Earn’ feature can be beneficial for investors who ‘HODL’ their crypto assets for longer and help bring in investment discipline as well. 

How does CoinDCX Earn work?

  1. Visit the CoinDCX app and click on the ‘Earn’ banner
  2. Browse from the listed crypto assets under the Earn feature
  3. Enter the amount of crypto you wish to deposit 
  4. Select the duration (tenor) in which you would like to keep your crypto under ‘Earn’. 
  5. Swipe the bar right to confirm your details.
  6. Hooray! Now your crypto will make passive returns for you!

How much Passive Earnings can you make? 

You can get up to 13% of passive crypto earnings. With Earn, your crypto assets are secured under trusted custodians and are dispersed into income generating avenues to help generate fixed rewards for you. 

Explore our List of Earn Enabled Cryptos with their Competitive Earning Rates*

Crypto  Earning Rates
Bitcoin (BTC) 4.75%
Ethereum (ETH) 6.01%
Tether (USDT) 13.05%
USDC Coin (USDC) 9.50%
Solana (SOL) 4.00%
Cardano (ADA) 3.80%
Polkadot (DOT) 3.65%
Dogecoin (DOGE) 1.00%
Polygon (MATIC) 4.50%
Ripple (XRP) 4.00%
Binance Coin (BNB) 3.05%

Crypto investments involve a certain level of risk depending on the market circumstances. The Earn feature is a flexible passive crypto earning offering where users can earn returns on a minimum tenor of 7 days. The returns are calculated on a pro rata basis.

Visit CoinDCX Earn Page.

Is it Safe? What are the Benefits and Risks involved?

There are regulatory risks involved with crypto assets. In a regulatory ban circumstance, your crypto will be refunded along with the interest. In case of counterparty risks, we work with counterparties such as  BitGo to protect & insure your crypto investments.

Frequently Asked Questions – CoinDCX Earn 

What is Earn?

Earn is a feature soon to be offered on CoinDCX that will enable investors to deposit their crypto assets and earn crypto earnings based on the interest rates defined at the time of their Earn deposit.

How do I opt for Earn?

A Registered user can click on the Earn tab and choose to deposit their preferred crypto asset from the listed crypto assets under the Earn feature. Next, the user needs to choose the duration of which they want to keep their assets frozen to earn yields. Please note the minimum duration to earn on your crypto holdings is 7 days.

Is KYC required for Earn?

Yes, the user needs to register on CoinDCX app and complete the KYC to access the Earn feature. 

How Many tokens are available under Earn?

Once live, 16 tokens will be made available with Earn. We will continuously keep adding more tokens. Watch this space for more details

Is there a minimum tenure?

Yes, the minimum tenure to earn on your deposits is 7 days.

What is the form of income earned? 

You receive crypto returns of the same token as the the crypto assets you have deposited. For example if you have deposited Bitcoin in the Earn section, the returns you receive will be in Bitcoin. 

When can I withdraw my assets?

Assets can be withdrawn at any time and the funds will be unbounded immediately.

Is the return guaranteed?

The published rate on CoinDCX applicable to the stipulated token at the time of initiating the transaction is the reward that is guaranteed subject to the minimum tenor and Terms and Conditions applicable on the Exchange.

How is the return computed?

The rewards are computed on a pro-rata basis subject to minimum tenor. The minimum tenure for earning rewards is 7 days. In case of a withdrawal prior to minimum tenor,  no reward shall be paid.

What is the process? How do I monitor the funds under Earn

It is a simple hassle-free process where funds are separately displayed as Assets under Earn and earnings/rewards accrue at the end of the Earn tenor or at the time of withdrawal minimum tenor. The user can opt out instantaneously at any given point in time and the accrued Earn reward will be credited.

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